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Sonim Land Rover S1, Land Rover Freelander 2

Jun 23, 2011 | Tag: Mobile reviews

Sonim Land Rover S1 as a bonus for Land Rover Freelander 2

By the end of the month all Land Rover Freelander 2 buyers will receive as a present protected phone Sonim Land Rover S1.

Sonim Land Rover S1, Land Rover Freelander 2

Artex Company offers this possibility since its representatives consider that the phone and the car complement each other. If Land Rover is the king among SUV, Sonim Land Rover is the SUV among mobile phones. It satisfies all MIL standards - 810G and IP-67. The phone can be plunged into water and thrown on concrete from two meter height. It can function in temperature diapason -20degrees to +55 degrees and powerful battery provides stand by regime time up to 2 months. Double dynamics and empowered microphone will allow you to hear the phone and have a conversation even on the noisy highway and on the roaring stadium.

Besides all this Sonim Land Rover S1 has rather impressive functions including FM radio, camera, Internet access and special programs.

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