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Motorola E11

Motorola E11First shots of Motorola new mobile phone appeared in the Net

And although Motorola E11 was not officially presented, a lot of information was gathered about it.

The phone is equipped with 2,8 inches sensor TFT display with resolution 240x320 pixels and the ability to reflect 262 thousand colors.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

sony ericsson xperia purenessSony Ericsson Xperia Pureness was announced – the first smartphone with clear display.

Together with Xpreia X2 smartphone the Swedish-Japanese Company presented at the show in London another novelty from the Xperia gadgets series.

A couple of months ago this smartphone appeared in the Net with the name Kiki although at that time it was not mentioned that it relates to Xperia series

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HTC S740

htc s740HTC announced new smartphone with two keypads – HTC S740

 The European department of the Taiwan Corporation HTC announced new smartphone HTC S740, the follower of Vox model. The novelty is created is the form factor of a monoblock and is equipped with two QWERTY keypads placed in the front and back parts of the corpus. Some smartphone design elements are borrowed from Touch Diamond model.

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Nokia XpressMusic

3 new Nokia XpressMusic mobile phones: Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia 5330 XpressMusic and Nokia 5030 XpressRadio.

All mobile devices are designed for better sound quality, easier music player use, and more convenient navigation. As for price range, it is really wide and this fact cannot be underestimated because every phone will find its buyer and admirer immediately.

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Sony Ericsson W508

sony ericsson w508Sony Ericsson W508 Bob Sinclair Edition – special version  of music flip phone.

The Sony Ericsson Company announced mobile phone W508 Bob Sinclair Edition presenting a special version of Walkman W508 phone and being named after famous French musician and DJ Bob Sinclair.

Sony Ericsson W508 is equipped with 2,2 inches main display and 1,1 inches outer display, 3.2 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth interface support and Memory Stick (M2) card support and also accelerometer and gesture management. The buttons are placed on the device front panel for music management.

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Samsung S7550

Samsung S7550

Samsung S7550

Ecologically friendly touchphone Samsung S7550 Blue Earth – live photos.

Presented at the end of February this year as the concept mobile phone Samsung Blue Earth already has an official number – Samsung S7550.

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iPhone gun

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Omnia 2, Omnia LITE, Omnia PRO

samsung omnia 2, samsung omnia, omnia 2, omnia lite, omnia pro, omnia smartphonesSamsung enriches the line of Omnia smartphones by three novelties: Omnia II, Omnia LITE, Omnia PRO B7320.

The South Korean Corporation Samsung Electronics presented three new smartphones two of which relate to Omnia line and the third one – to the new series OmniaPRO. The devices were called Omnia II, Omnia LITE and OmniaPRO B7320 accordingly. All the devices function with the help of the operational system Windows Mobile 6.1 and Omnia smartphones support second version of the firm graphic interface TouchWiz.

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Nokia E97 China

nokia e97 chinaModule Nokia E97 Chinese variant

It is hard to accuse Chinese producers in lack of original ideas since they always invent something unusual and Nokia E97 device relates to this kind of products.

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Nokia 5900 XpressMusic

Nokia 5900 Xpress MusicDetails about Nokia 5900 Xpress Music smartphone

Before the most important day for the company – Nokia World 2009 – many rumors appeared in the net about the company.

In the net a wave of rumors appeared about Nokia 5800 upgrading – smartphone Nokia 5900 XpressMusic. The source mentions that this device was completely updated.

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LG GM750

LG GM750LG GM750 Layla – 5 mega pixel smartphone based on WM 6.5 from LG

Market is a very interesting thing: shortly after LG GM730 appearance (the start is scheduled for the end of August) the LG Company has already prepared the communicator update – LG GM750 Layla.

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AT&T Invision

AT&T InvisionAT&T and LG released new phone Invision

The model AT&T Invision line of the American mobile operator AT&T was enriched with the new phone produced by South Korean Corporation LG. Its name is Invision. The novelty AT&T Invision is aimed at those who like TV and digital radio. AT&T Invision became the third model in the AT&T line which supports the firm interface of the mobile television and the most compact of all these models.

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DEC M5. Communicator DEC M5Powerful communicator DEC M5

The Chinese producers release not only tons of clones but enlarge the numbers of independent phones.

The DEC company announced new device with the index M5 which is a rather powerful device with many functions. And although Dec M5 appearance resembles HTC Company product, it is an independent phone. DEC M5 is created in the form factor of a monoblock with large 3,2 inches display whose resolution is 240x320 pixels.

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Samsongi7500Samsongi7500 – modest Samsung i7500 clone

Android phone of the Samsung Company with i7500 index was successfully cloned by Chinese producers who sell their variant of the device.

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FinePix Z300

FinePix-Z300Fujifilm created a camera with sensor targeting

Japanese Corporation Fujifilm will release the FinePix Z300 camera on June 20. This camera can be focused by simple finger touching the necessary object on the back sensor display with the diagonal 3 inches. This was reported by CrunchGear.

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Sony Ericsson TM717

sony ericsson tm717Flip phone Sony Ericsson TM717 was approved by FCC

At the USA Federal Connection Commission appeared new information about mobile phone Sony Ericsson MT717 also known as T707 or Elle

 According to the corpus inscription and 1700 MH AWS standard support this device is aimed at T-Mobile operator. In this case TM171 will most probably replace the old TM506 model offering the users a higher level of functions.

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LG Tritan

LG TritanLG is working on side slider Tritan The army of very popular lately mobile phones equipped with QWERTY keypad for easier work with text will soon be enlarged with LG Tritan device.

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Motorola Rival A455

Motorola Rival A455Motorola Rival A455 will appear on sale

Mobile phone Motorola Rival A455 is ready for sales and its official technical characteristics became known.


Mobile phone Motorola A455 has a rather bright appearance but it cannot be called beautiful. The device represents a side slider with sliding QWERTY keypad and is aimed firstly at those who use different text services.

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Alcatel communicator

Alcatel communicatorAlcatel released Alcatel communicator OT-S988W

A rather unusual product was released by the French Company Alcatel. She produced communicator OT-S988W.

Usually Alcatel produced cheap mobile phones of the beginner level and the appearance of communicator among its products is an unusual thing.

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Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson W995 Sony Ericsson W995 (Hikaru)- music flagman

Steel slider looking much like Xperia X1 with 3.5 mm input for loud speakers and Sony Ericsson logotype.

This slider is made of steel and plastic. Its dimensions are 97.3x48.9x15.4mm but these are just numbers.  The design is not very outstanding. In the stand by regime the display reflects five level signal receiving and battery level. Between them you can see different icons about wireless interfaces activity or missed events notifications.

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