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plica, two iPhones

PLICA: two iPhones in one corpus

Los Angeles designer James Piatt developed the prototype of the communicator which is already considered the iPhone main rival. We have the impression that the concept creator kept to the phrase: "one iPhone is good and two are better".

Plca (this is the name of the device) reminds of a couple iPhones united together as a book. It is proposed for the communicator to be equipped with two touch screens, one of which would be the display and the other – keypad.

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Motorola ROKR EM30

Motorola ROKR EM30

Motorola ROKR EM30 is officially presented

The Motorola Company officially presented the ROKR EM30 telephone which will appear on the Asian market.

The information about Motorola ROKR EM30 appeared before and the technical features of the device remained unchanged. The device belongs to the line of musical phones, is equipped with GPS module and FM tuner with RDS.

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Samsung Black Jack

Samsung smartphone Black Jack III (Samsung i788)

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Nokia 9900

Nokia 9900

Nokia 9900 phone concept – a pen with rolling out touch screen

Forget about Nokia Tube, it is nothing compared to the concept presented below. Nokia 9900 is the symbol of what the Finnish Company decided to achieve fighting with the Apple iPhone model. And even much more than we can imagine – the phone Nokia 9900 in the form of a pen is equipped with multifunctional rolling out touch screen.

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HTC Touch Diamond

HTC TOUCH PRO – smartphone on Windows Mobile with QWERT keypad

Monoblock HTC Touch Diamond is going to replace HTC Touch, vertical slider HTC Touch Dual will be replaced with HTC Touch Dual Pro and for those who like communication and comfortable texting HTC is preparing HTC Touch Pro with horizontal QWERTY keypad.

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Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209 – a modest hard worker

The Nokia budget models are very cute. Nokia 1209 also follows this tradition. The phone looks very attractive: a very carefully made corpus, good proportions. It all tells us that Nokia 1209 is not a useless phone but a very charismatic representative of the lower price diapason.

Nokia 1209 corpus is made of plastic. The material is rather strong to be able to handle all the fate turns of a workaholic.

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BBK K202

BBK K202

BBK K202: a lot of possibilities for a reasonable price

"Only a rich man can afford to buy a good phone". It looks like this saying is gone into the past. Now a phone is not a luxury any more but a means of communication.

Appearance A black phone with the silver engravings. The form factor is monoblock. The design left a very pleasant impression. On the one hand it is modest and on the other – classical.

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Alcatel OTE 227 Butterfly

Alcatel OTE 227 Butterfly

Alcatel OTE 227 Butterfly is a simple and stylish budget phone

The Alcatel Company enriched the mobile line of cheap phones with one more novelty called OTE 227 Butterfly.

The phone Alcatel OTE 227 is performed in the form factor of a flip phone and has a comfortable form. The color design will not suit everyone but for the female part of the population the device is going to be very appealing. The phone corpus is decorated with white-purple butterfly design.

Aug 6, 2008 | comments (11) | read more »


LG-LB3300 musophone

LG-LB3300 musophone "Rhapsody in Music Phone"

The South Korean Corporation LG Electronics today announced its new model of the music phone called "Rhapsody in Music Phone" which will be mentioned in the Company catalogues as LG-LB3300. This model is created in the form factor of a slider and possesses a 2 mega pixel camera, the wireless technology Bluetooth support and the possibility to receive the DMB transmissions programs.

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Samsung W629

Samsung W629, GSM/CDMA

Monoblock Samsung W629 with the GSM/CDMA nets support

At the PT EXPOCOMM CHINA 2007 exhibition was presented the Samsung W629 monoblock which supports both GSM and CDMA nets that allows the producers to position the device as an ideal solution for people who often have to travel from one country to another. The novelty Samsung W629 without the keypad with the sensor 2,6 inches QVGA display is equipped with two slots for the SIM cards...

Jul 17, 2008 | comments (2) | read more »

Nokia N82

Nokia N82 full review

According to cell phone reviews Nokia N82 is a smartphone that is destined for the GSM/EDGE and WCDMA nets. The snartphone is based on the S30 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 or as it is often used for Nokia description "multimedia computer". It offers various possibilities for photo and video recording, navigation and web surfing. Nokia N82 is equipped with 5 mega pixel camera with the auto focus and Carl Zeiss optics that allows to record video with the VGA resolution and the speed of 30 images a second. Besides the camera Nokia N82 has a built in GPS receiver, and the phone set may contain a free demo version of the navigation Programs with voice hints and preloaded Nokia Maps.

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HOP2001: a smartphone for the GSM and CDMA nets

The Hop-on company which usually produces simple cheap phones unexpectedly presented a new smartphone HOP2001 working in the GSM/CDMA nets. The device supports the HSDPA standard as well which is transitional to the fourth generation mobile technologies.

Jul 14, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »

Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

The main hits can be called 8,1 mega pixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot and game phone Sony Ericsson F305. Besides a line of simple phones of the "beginner level" was presented, but now it is worth talking more about Sony Ericsson C905. This is the first 8,1 mega pixel cameraphone from Sony Ericsson and its appearance resembles more a digital camera than a phone. Its camera is equipped with xenon flash, autofocus, supports the function of face detection, image stabilization, geotagging, red eye effect disappearance.

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Home iPhone

Home iPhone

Home iPhone

Home phones cannot keep up with the evolution of their smaller mobile brothers but nevertheless some attempts are made o modernize standard models. For example during the CES 2008 a very interesting device OpenFrame from the OpenPeak company was presented. In reality it is a stationary Home iPhone version for home usage. OpenFrame is equipped with large sensor display that can fit many icons that provide the access to new possibilities: TV programs schedule viewing, sending text messages (including SMS), weather forecast, browser, stream video, music player, IP telephony and other. All additional functions disclose only when working with net services like FiOS from Verizon.

Jul 10, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »

Verzio Envii

Verzio Envii

Powerful communicator Verzio Envii

The Verzio company does not often produce new models of mobile devices and is not a very wide known brand, but the Envii communicator is worth our attention.

The appearance of the communicator is very appealing and is not worse than rival models. Verzio Envii works based on a powerful processor with 624 Mh and is equipped with 2,7 inches display with the resolution 320x240 pixels.

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Samsung D780 DuoS

Samsung D780 DuoS

Samsung D780 DuoS

The much expected continuation from Samsung turned out to be Fly B700 Duo rival. This is a cheap monoblock which supports the workd of two SIM cards simultaneously. Is it a new hit?

Just like B700 the novelty is performed the form factor of a monoblock and has a neuter design. Some may think that the monoblosk is too simple. The corpus is exclusively plastic. The materials are not very expensive like for the medium class devices. The dimensions and weight if D780 are a bit bigger than the average and this makes Samsung D780 look more massive. It could be more mobile though.

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NEC N908

NEC N908

NEC N908 - a credit card size mobile phone

The NEC Company presented a new mobile phone NEC N908 at the Q3 exhibition. It is an image model created in the form factor of a monoblock with a sensor display. The dimensions of the new phone N908 do not exceed the dimensions of a usual credit card. The users of this device will have to forget about the keypad as it consists only of a display.

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Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132 review

Sony Ericsson J132 – all is easy

Sony Ericsson J132 is a cheap model with FM radio created in the form factor of a monoblock. In general the device has only calling functions.

Sony Ericsson J132 features:

  • Class: budget
  • Phone line placement: above Sony Ericsson J120
  • Rival phones: Motorola W230

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Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330 – a cheap help

Sony Ericsson K330 is a cheap model of the Sony Ericsson Company, it possesses a VGA camera, Bluetooth module and FM radio.

  • Class: budget
  • Phone line placement: above Sony Ericsson K320
  • Rival phones: Sagem my411x
  • Main features of Sony Ericssom K330:
  • Model: June 2008

Jun 25, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »

Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305: play always and everywhere

The world net is disturbed with the rumors that the Sony Ericsson Company is preparing the launching of the new line of mobile phones with the F index that will oriented toward mobile gamers. This will start by launching of the F305 game phone. For more convenience the novelty will be equipped with a four position button with the block of game buttons.

Jun 24, 2008 | comments (9) | read more »
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