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Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot S006

sonyericsson-cyber-shot-s006Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot S006 - mobile phone with 16,2 mega pixel camera

Sony Ericsson Company presented in Japan mobile phone Cyber shot aimed at local operator KDDI.

The novelty is noted for 16,2 mega pixel camera on the basis of KMOP matrix Exmor R with auto focus and receiving up to 12 800 ISO. The device is built on the basis of 1 GH processor Qualcomm Snapdragon and is managed by the program platform Qualcomm Brew.

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Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic LumixPanasonic presented a phone of the Lumix brand

Panasonic Company presented the first mobile phone of the Lumix brand which identified a number of cameras. The novelty presented at the Ceatec exhibition is equipped with 13,2 mega pixel camera with Mobile Venus Engine technology and a lens of 27 mm.

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LG WP7LG presented WP7 smartphone E900 Optimus 7

LG Electronics Company British department presented smartphone E900 Optimus 7 functioning under the newest operational syste, Windows Phone 7.

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Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551Samsung Galaxy 551 - Android smartphone in the form factor of a side slider

Samsung Company officially presented Google phone Galaxy 551 (I5510) first showed at the IFA 2010 (Berlin September 3-8) exhibition. The novelty created in the form factor of a side slier and equipped with sliding QWERTY keypad, has 3,2 inches sensor TFT display with resolution 240x400 pixels (WQVGA), modules Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n)

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Motorola Spice

Motorola SpiceMotorola presented Google phone Spice

Motorola Company pleased the publicity with Google phone Motorola Spice official presentation. The phone Motorola Spice is equipped with sliding QWERTY keypad. Besides, one fourth of  Motorola Spice corpus consists of ecologically clean materials.

Oct 11, 2010 | comments (1) | read more »

Sony Ericsson LiveView

sony ericsson liveviewSony Ericsson LiveView - outer OLED display for Google phones

Sony Ericsson Company presented Sony Ericsson LiveView accessory aimed at smartphones functioning under Google Android 2.0 and higher operational systems.

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Fly phone with TV tuner

Fly phone with TV tunerFly Q110TV- QWERTY phone with TV tuner

Fly brand enlarged its phone line with Q110TV model unexpectedly equipped with TV tuner phone. The phone with TV tuner also has QWERTY keypad, horizontally oriented display with resolution 176x220 pixels,  0,3 mega pixels camera, 350 KB built in memory and MicroSd/MicroSDHC card slot.

Oct 7, 2010 | comments (1) | read more »

Fly MC220 with two SIM

Fly MC220 with two SIMFly MC220 -music phone with two SIM slots

The Fly brand presented in Russia music mobile phone MC220 created in the form factor of a slider and equipped with special buttons for player management. The novelty is equipped with two SIM card slots and looks much like Nokia music models, supports simultaneous work in two operators nets in GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 MH standards.

Oct 5, 2010 | comments (1) | read more »

LG C100

LG C100LG C100 - beginner level phone with QWERTY keypad

LG Electronics will soon present mobile phone C100 presenting a cheap model equipped with QWERTY keypad. The model is oriented at youth segment and aimed at social nets work.

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Samsung Xcover 271

Samsung Xcover 271Samsung Xcover 271 - mobile phone for extremals

Samsung Company presented mobile phone Xcover 271 (B2710) which should replace on the market the Samsung B2700 model created in 2008. Xcover 271 is created in the corpus corresponding to IP67 standard and due to this fact the phone is dust protected and can spend about 30 minutes at the depth of one meter under water.

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TerreStar Genus

terrestar genusTerreStar Genus -smartphone supporting satellite nets

American mobile operator AT&T began the sales of the satellite phone TerreStar Genus built on the operational system Windows Mobile 6.5.3 basis. Unlike most existing satellite phones, it looks like a regular communicator. The communicator is equipped with 2,6 inches sensor display, QWERTY keypad, wireless module Bluetooth,

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Windows Phone 7 game

WP7 gamesIlomilo game on Windows Phone 7

Most probably everybody knows now how powerful the smartphones on the new operational system WP7 are going to be. But will this power come with corresponding in speed and graphics games? The answer is simple: YES!  There is a new attractive, captivating with graphics, music and gameplay game - Ilomilo.

Sep 20, 2010 | comments (0) | read more »

Att LG Encore

lg-encoreMobile phone LG Encore  equipped with 3 inches sensor TFT display with resolution 240x400 pixels appeared on sale in the USA. The novelty is equipped with 3 mega pixel camera, GPS receiver, mireless module Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 3,5 mm audio input for headphones, 32 MB built in memory and microSD card slot up to 16 GB.

Sep 17, 2010 | comments (1) | read more »

Motorola EX 300

Motorola EX 300Motorola EX 300 - mobile phone based on Qualcomm Brew platform

Motorola Company is getting ready to start mobile phone EX300 sales on the Russian market. The phone is built on the apparatus platform Qualcomm Brew.

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Cell phone for smokers

cell phone smokers

Sep 15, 2010 | comments (1) | read more »

LG C300 Town

LG C300 TownLG C300 Town on Live photos

LG C300 Town description maybe accidentally and maybe on purpose appeared on Orange official site

Recently live gadget LG C300 photos appeared on one of Holland sites. The novelty LG C300 Town looks attractive and bright. It will appear on sale in two color solutions: white and orange and white and black and red.

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2 SIM card mobile

2 SIM card mobileMobile Phone with QWERTY keypad and 2 SIM cards for $19,90

Chinese Company AUX Group which is specializing in designing and producing mobile phones, presented a model with the code name M811E+. This mysterious name means a sympathetic duos phone.

The device is noted for full QWERTY keypad. The novelty is aimed for work in GSM nets, supporting GPRS and another device advantage is two SIM cards support.

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iPhone 4 Unlocked

iPhone 4 UnlockediPhone 4 is very popular with people who  do not want to stand in one place and always want the best. There is a large number of guys like this and this is why unlocking programs appear daily and turn out to be very helpful.

Many people have long waited for the  Apple Company to release new device iPhone 4 and it finally happened. The new iPhone 4 unlocked has many new features which once again raised the Apple Company above its rivals. The first thing that catches the eye when we look at iPhone 4 unlocked is a great corpus made of two panels. Besides iPhone 4 unlocked is much thinner than its predecessors.

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BullGuard Mobile Antivirus Review

Viruses, worms and trojans have begun to spread beyond personal computers. With the growing popularity of smartphones and pocket PCs, these mobile devices are increasingly targeted by malicious programs which are appearing in ever greater numbers and diversity. Recent news stories have revealed complex and costly scams targeting smartphone users, so users of this relatively new technology really ought to be thinking about online safety for mobile devices in the same way as we have for PCs for many years.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800Only 150 thousand BlackBerry Torch 9800 were sold during the first weekend

The newest smartphone RIM -BlackBerry Torch 9800 failed at the beginning of sales

During the first RIM weekend only 150 thousand BlackBerry Torch 9800 were sold. But we should be honest and mention the fact that not only RIM is responsible for the sales failure but also the American operator AT&T which is selling the gadget. Many operator users prefer to buy iPhone 4.

Aug 19, 2010 | comments (0) | read more »
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