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WiMAX Motorola

Apr 13, 2008 | Tag: Mobile reviews

Motorola will occupy itself with WiMAX in Thailand.


The American Corporation Motorola and the greatest telecommunication operator UIH will unite their efforts in working on the tested mobile net WiMAX in Bangkok and Phuket. It is expected that the commercial net exploitation will begin next year.

The beginning of the testing coincided with a year since the Governmental Telecommunication Commission announcement about the license providing for the WiMAX operators. To keep up to the standards of "mobile performance" the signal should be successfully transmitted from one station to another. At the same time the user can be in the moving train with the speed of 100 kilometers an hour.

The WiMAX technology is widely introduced in Thailand and all of North Eastern Asia, but its mobile modification is a big step ahead. There are some reasons for that. First of all, wireless nets installation is a problem in this region because of the geographical peculiarities. Secondly, WiMAX was not developed as mobile nets. It was supposed to be stationary and not movable. It gives the specialist the possibilities for experiments and for the effective usage of the new technology.

It is expected that the operating range of the WiMAX nets will be close to dozens miles which is much greater than the Wi-Fi nets.

Nowadays the number of the WiMax nets users is estimated as 1,5 million, but the analytics expect that by the end of this year their number will grow up to 5 million, and by 2011 – up to 35 million people.

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