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ProtectPax liquid glass for mobile gadgets

Feb 21, 2017 | Tag: Mobile reviews

On Indiegogo site started campaign to raise funds for the production of liquid glass for smartphones. The developers claim that the composition after curing will protect your smartphone screen from any damage.
ProtectPax intended for any glass surfaces protection against mechanical damage. Screens of smartphones, tablets, eyeglass lens, etc. The developers did not disclose the composition of the liquid, but argue that the used technologies are used in the aviation and aerospace.

The thickness of the layer which is applied to the screen is 0.0004 mm

For comparison, the thickness of the conventional protective glass - 0.3 mm. Cured ProtectPax remains invisible for 365 days.
ProtectPax hardness of 9H, which is similar to ruby ​​or sapphire glass. The composition protects against mechanical damage and reduces by 92.7% the intensity of the user when using electromagnetic radiation device and neutralizes 99% of the bacteria. It has a oleophobic properties, prevents the appearance of fingerprints and repels water.

ProtectPax improves the quality of shooting, if it was applied put on the camera. Also, the composition increases the sensitivity of the screen.

It is much easier to apply the solution on the screeen than puting the glass or protectiv film. It is necessary to clean the screen surface and put the solution. There are no air bubbles between the screen and glass, as well as unglued edges. And you need to protect the phone with glass you need to buy the glass for the exact smartphone model. Instead of this you can use the ProtectPax that is suitable for any device.

Within 10 minutes after applying the screen can be hammered and scratched with different tools: The price of ProtectPax is $15 - about as much as a cover glass for a smartphone in a popular retail networks. On the project has already collected 93% of the required funds, so there is no doubt in the success of the campaign.

Experts are not sure what ProtectPax really can 100% protect your smartphone from damage. However, the disadvantages of the compositions is greater than the advantages:

  1. it is not as effective as they say about it. Customers will still bring the broken screens.
  2. the liquid should be evenly applied, and it is not so easy.
  3. remove this protection from the screen is not so easy if you want to get rid of it.
  4. you gadget will have no  warranty after the liquid aplication.

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