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Kogan Agora

Feb 16, 2009 | Tag: Mobile service

Android communicator Kogan Agora will be modernized

The Australian Company Kogan Technologies decided to postpone the release of its Android communicator for some time.

kogan agora

The communicator Kogan Agora was announced in the beginning of December last year and could become the fourth device with the Operational System Android after HTC G1, Zzz Phone and Sciphone Dream G2. Nevertheless Kogan Agora did not appear on the shelves. The Kogan Technologies Company founder, Ruslan Kogan made an announcement about insufficient strength for the future multimedia. In regard to this a decision was taken not to start the sales of the device but to work on it some more. The designers plan to enlarge the display and its resolution, and it is possible that that appearance will change as well. Kogan Agora was supposed to appear in stores December 29.

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