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iPhone addiction

Mar 11, 2010 | Tag: Mobile service

iPhone causes addiction like a drug

A recent survey of the Stanford University Students showed that iPhone in some cases causes dependence.

Two hundred students of the Stanford University were implicated in the survey. all of them have iPhones and 70 per cent own it for less than 12 months.

iPhone addiction

The students were asked to assess their attachment to iPhone on a five-point scale. Only 60 per cent of respondents showed complete indifference to the smartphone, 10 per cent confessed their extreme attachment to iPhone and 34 per cent rated their attachment as 4 points.

iPhone addiction

89 per cent of respondents used the palm iPhone instead of the alarm clock, 89 per cent replace the watch with the palm phone, 75 per cent go to bed laying next to the iPhone and 69 per cent leaving phone have more chances of forgetting about the wallet rather than the smartphone.

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