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HTC Supersonic


HTC Supersonic "appeared" on the photos

"Live" photos  of Android smartphone HTC Supersonic appeared in the Net (HTC A9292)

Smartphone HTC Supersonic (HTC A9292) main feature is the WiMAX technology support. It is expected that this year the device will appear on the list of mobile operator Sprint

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Sony Ericsson Abelin

Sony Ericsson AbelinWill the smartphone Sony Ericsson Abelin be presented at MWC 2010 exhibition?

New information appeared in the net about new smartphone Sony Ericsson Abelin with QWERTY keypad.

It is possible that at the fore coming Mobile World Congress 2010 exhibition starting in the middle of February in Barcelona, the Sony Ericsson Company will present Sony Ericsson Abelin smartphone.

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HTC Obsession

HTC Obessions windows mobile7Will HTC Obsession on the WM7 basis appear in October?

If w believe WM Experts resource, new communicator HTC Obessions on the Windows Mobile 7 basis will appear in October.

WM Experts source announced the upcoming release of the HTC Communicator Obessions this autumn regardless Windows Mobile 7 release put off.

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Philips D900

Philips D900Touchphone Philips D900 for Chinese market

The Chinese market of mobile technologies is considered one of the most perspective on the planet and practically all companies producing palm phones try to establish there.

So it is not surprising that some new phone models appeared in China first and later in other regions. But there are other devices which are prepared for the Chinese user exclusively.

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Palm novelty

Palm noveltyIs Palm going to present Palm novelty at CES 2010?

The Palm Company sent invitations for the event that is going to be held at the Venetian Hotel.

According to the latest news the Palm Company presented a surprise for the January of the coming year. This company sent electronic invitations to some companies with the invitation to the presentation that is going to be held on January 7th at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Dec 17, 2009 | comments (1) | read more »

Boost Mobile

Boost mobile phoneSprint Corporation division which offers paid wireless phones and services without contracts, Boost Mobile launched the first idea for talking - phone slider called Motorola Debut i865, which combines such functions as Push-To functions which allows chatting with up to 20 friends at the same time. This Boost mobile phone has the following characteristics: 2,2 inch TFT display with 176x220 pixels resolution, 1,3 mega pixel camera and stereo and Bluetooth technology, Nationwide Walkie Talkie capability, GPS and Wireless Web Enabled GPS and wireless internet connection, MP3 music player, multimedia and text messaging capabilities.

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Virgin mobile cell phone

Virgin mobile cell phoneNorth American  mobile operator Virgin Mobile began the sales of the Rumor 2 mobile phone. This Virgin Mobile cell phone which is a side slider with sliding QWERTY keypad, is equipped with 2 inches TFT display with resolution 320x240 pixels, audio player, GPS receiver, 1,3 mega pixel camera, microSD card slot up to 16 GB and Bluetooth module supporting stereo profile A2DP.  The Virgin Mobile cell phone has pre installed e-mail client, instant messages program, and also social nets Facebook and MySpace.  The gadget size is 112x52x18 mm and the weight is about 119 grams.  Virgin Mobile cell phone price is $130.

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Transfer Jet: quick data transfer with the help of a touch

The latest news from CEATEC 09 exhibition: Toshiba Company demonstrated promising data transfer technology from one device to another. The technology is called TransferJet and it is much better than now existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not only in data transfer speed but also in the easy management.

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iPhone gps

iphone gps girl picture

Oct 26, 2009 | comments (5) | read more »

New cell phone chargers

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Smartphones market

smartphones marketIn five years smartphones will occupy one third of the mobile market

 London analytical company ABI Research published its new research according to which the percentage of smartphones market will increase from 10 per cent in 2007 to 31 per cent in 2013. This grows will be supported by profit increase for suppliers for additional services and also general tendency to integrate smart operational systems in the average class devices.

Sep 23, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

LG GW620

LG GW620LG GW620 – the first company "Google phone"

The South Korean Company LG Electronics officially announced its first smartphone on the basis of Android operational system.

Model LG GW620 was equipped with three inches sensor display with resolution 320x480 pixels, sliding QWERTY keypad, supporting mobile nets UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS.

Sep 22, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

Samsung M240

Samsung M240Samsung M240 flip phone at the price of $19,99

Mobile operator Sprint announced the forthcoming appearance of the new budget flip phone Samsung M240

Sep 11, 2009 | comments (1) | read more »

Motorola MB200. Motorola MB300

Motorola MB200 and Motorola MB300- new Android phones

Motorola company announced that it was going to pay more attention to gadgets with Android Operational System and now it is realizing the ideas.

motorola mb200. motorola mb300

Sep 10, 2009 | comments (3) | read more »


NCKIA R5NCKIA R5 – for those who likes Vertu

Since elite mobile phones always find their buyers, the Chinese producers decided that their produce will also be in high demand.

 In order to interest the buyer the Chinese Companies produce gadgets like NCKIA R5 whose appearance does not differ much from elite mobile phones since the designers copied it. the phone has dimensions 128x40x10 mm and can be proud of the metallic corpus and Vertu-like design images.

Sep 4, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

Seunghan Song, Universal Phone

universal phoneThe concept of multipurpose phone for blind and those who can see.

The designer Seunghan Song offered the concept of multipurpose phone Universal Phone Concept. It is aimed at those who can see and blind people as well. The idea for creating this phone was the small bump on the button 5 present in almost all mobile phones.

Aug 24, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

Cheap cell phone, Sony Ericsson W395

cheap cell phone, sony ericsson w395Sony Ericsson W395- cheap music phone

It is a cheap slider with music functions but without any additional functions like functional program platform or multimedia possibilities. This compact cheap cell phone can win the buyer's attention  by pleasant sound from the dynamics or can leave a person indifferent.

Aug 12, 2009 | comments (6) | read more »

HTC Magic. HT-03A

HTC Magic. HT-03AThe appearance of the first Android font HT-03A (HTC Magic) in Japan was unnoticed

Japanese mobile operator announced the beginning of Android Font HT-03A realization more known as HTC Magic

With the condition of two year contract smartphone HT-03A will cost Japanese user $300.

Jul 20, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

Cheap Android

Cheap AndroidAndroid phones will be cheaper

Chinese Company Rockchip Electronics will soon begin the production of cheaper chipsets for mobile devices on the base of the OS Android.

Jul 16, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »

HTC phones

HTC phonesHTC increases Android phone production but still likes Windows Mobile

Increasing the Android phones release, the Taiwan company is not going to renounce to its role as the leading OS Windows Mobile HTC phones producer.

Jul 14, 2009 | comments (2) | read more »
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