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Samsung unveiled explosions cause of Galaxy Note 7

Jan 23, 2017 | Tag: Mobile service

Samsung unveiled explosions cause of Galaxy Note 7 

In Seoul Samsung company held a press conference, during this conferention were called causes of spontaneous explosions of Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung said that the company takes responsibility for the fact that they was unable to identify and eliminate potential problems before Galaxy Note 7 went on sale.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

To prevent the recurrence of the incidents, was formed working group of external consultants and experts.

The company's engineers with independent specialists examined more than 200 000 units and 30 000 batteries to determine the cause of the problem. The investigation revealed that problems could be caused by design deficiencies and battery assembly process.

Galaxy Note 7 went on sale in August 2016. Two months later, after a number of cases of spontaneous explosions, the Samsung Corporation, first stop the sale, and then completely stopped production.

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