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Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 719

Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 719

Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 719 and Windows Phone Tango will be presented in january

There is a piece of information on the web about the date when the Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 719 smart phones will be announced and the Windows Phone Tango and Apollo OS. They say that the information was provided by an insider. A blogger was told that the future flagman Windows Phone OS, Nokia Lumia 900 will be presented within the CES exhibition in January 2012. According to rumors Lumia 900 is pretty much similar to Lumia 800, but a bit bigger - with a 4.3 inches touch screen instead of the 3.7 display of the previous model.

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Nokia Lumia 800 problem

Nokia Lumia 800 problem

How to fix the Nokia Lumia 800 problem

Nokia recognised the existing problem with the Lumia 800

Despite the previous information provided by Nokia regarding the smart phone updates, the problems that occured with the battery consumption and the fact that there were some defects were not recognised. The problem with the battery consumption of the Nokia Lumia 800 was recently discovered. As Nokia representatives state, an investigation showed that there was a mistake with smart phone code, because of which the device was not able  to use the charger properly.

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Intel Android smart phone

Intel Android smart phoneIntel showed it’s first Android smart phone

The Intel platform is a system based on a chip with the new Atom processor, that stands out by it’s low energy consumption. The smart phone presented by the American corporation runs on the Android Gingerbread platform, while the tablet got the Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Intel smart phone render

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Frog catch cell phone bugs

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AT&T HTC Elite

AT&T HTC EliteHTC prepares the Elite smart phone on the Android ICS OS

The BGR announced a couple of new HTC smart phones, that are forecasted for the next year. Thus it is planned the smart phone release that runs on the Windows Phone platform, it will support the 4'th edition LTE networks. The model reminds the HTC Titan and will be available at the AT&T carrier. The device is equipped with a 4.7 inches display.

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How to make a cool cell phone case

Samsung SGH-E590 case

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Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises limited edition

Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises limited edition

The Nokia prepares a limited edition of the Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises

The smart phones on the Windows Phone OS feel much better on the market, in comparison to the past year. Some owners of the Android devices, because of different reasons are not satisfied with the Google platform, and change their preferences.

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At&t Pantech P9070

At&t Pantech P9070PANTECH P9070 on FCC

The Pantech is continuing to design devices that support LTE networks for the American carriers. This time the FCC commission was passed by the P9070 model that is designed for the AT&T. So far the smart phone was not announced, therefore there is little information about it. They say that Pantech P9070 will be officially presented within the CES 2012.

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Sony Xperia Nyphon

Sony Xperia Nyphon

Sony Nyphon - the first Xperia smart phone from Sony

There is information on the web about the first smart phone that will be released by the Sony when it changes it will stop its' existence under the Sony Ericsson brand name. as it was earlier announced, the branding changes will take place by the mid of the next year, thus the device is to be expected in the second half of 2012.

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LG Prada 3.0

LG Prada 3.0

LG presented the ultra slim Prada 3.0 smart phone

The LG presented the outcome of the collaboration with the Italian fashion house Prada -  Prada 3.0 smart phone, phoneArena states. The device works on the Android 2.3.7. OS. The OS has a specially designed interface.

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Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900the Nokia Lumia 900 smart phone technical features were approved

One of the GeekTechBlog authors told that had the opportunity to get a close look at the Nokia Lumia 900. So far, the given device is known only by rumors, and we are to wait for its' announcement. According to the blog author, he received the device from a representative of the finish company, who also answered some questions. Unfortunately the author did not present any images of the device, so we shall trust the author for word.

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Pantech Vega LTE M

Pantech Vega LTE MPantech Vega LTE M - smartphone with a 1,5 GgHz dualcore processor and an IPS HD display

The south Korean company Pantech, that on its' motherland is known by the SKY brand, announced a new Android smart phone - Vega LTE M (model number IM-A810S), that will first of all be available for the main carrier SK Telecom.

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BlackBerry Milan

BlackBerry MilanA first picture of the BlackBerry Milan smart phone

It looks like the Research In Motion (RIM) company has decided to release a new form factor vertical slider smart phone. The device is called BlackBerry Milan - its' first picture was published on the BlackBerry webpage. It is most likely that the given name is a coded one  so that on the market the device will be presented under another name. The smart phone BlackBerry Milan works on the BlackBerry 10 OS (ex BBX, that under the courts' decision changed its name),

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Newest Gadgets blog

Newest Gadgets blogThe web space is overwhelmed by different sort of pages and blogs that try to capture my attention every time I surf the web. Thus I decided for myself, in order to save my time, not to waste it on reading everything the web has to offer.

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iPhone 5 for T-Mobile

iPhone 5 for T-MobileiPhone 5 for T-Mobile

According to different sources, the iPhone 5 was supposed to debut this Fall at more mobile operators. It was said that it is just a matter of time. It was also said that the iPhone 5 will get certain changes of the 3G access.

Even though, there were other rumors that contradicted the above mentioned data.

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Fly Blackbird dual sim Android

dual sim AndroidFly Blackbird - a business dual sim Android smart phone

The Fly announced the beginning of sales of the new dual sim smart phone Fly Blackbird, that is equipped with a 3.5 inches sensory display with the HVGA resolution.

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Meizu MX Android

Meizu MX AndroidThe Meizu had officially presented the Meizu MX Android smart phone

The Chinese company Meizu had presented the MX smart phone. The company promised to release the device on the 1'st of January in 2012. The previous announce of the device was made in august, while it's release was planned for September. Not just the terms of release changed, there are some technical features that did change

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Sony Ericsson Z780

Sony Ericsson Z780Some buzzes have been around on the Sony Ericsson Z780 one day before CTIA begins. The rumor said that Sony Ericsson had announced a clamshell phone similar to the Sony Ericsson Z780 at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in February with the name of Z770i, a clamshell phone optimized for the Internet and was HSDPA enabled for faster browsing.

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Homemade Apple iPad

Homemade Apple iPad

A student from China who could not afford to buy an Apple iPad for his girlfriend, so that he decided to design one himselfJ.  What the student needed is 125 $ and 10 days time, in order to have the present done.

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Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM

Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM

Nokia presented the musical phone X2-02 Dual SIM

The Nokia presented the X2 - 02     budgetary phone that has the standard key pad to ensure a comfortable use of the music player of the phone. The innovation runs on the S40 platform and is equipped with two sim card slots. It is notable that the user can switch the sim cards without turning off the device.

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