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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Appeal

AT&T Samsung Galaxy AppealSamsung Galaxy Appeal - an affordable Android smartphone with a QWERTY keypad

The North American carrier AT&T has presented its subscribers a new Android smartphone model - Samsung Galaxy Appeal - that is performed in a side slider form factor with a QWERTY keypad. Besides the form factor of the devices, its main feature is its price that is worth just 150$, with no contract obligations.

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Vertu Constellation Candy

Vertu Constellation CandyConstellation Candy - colorful Vertu for the summer that is about to come

  If Vertu announces a new phone, it often turns out to be a device with insignificant updates from the technical stand point. This time, Vertu brings on an unusual for the brand color decision. The manufacturer did present three models in the Candy series, it is basically the same device but in distinct colors: Candy Raspberry, Candy Mint Green and Candy Tangerine.

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Summer 2012 phones

ARROWS Z ISW13FA summer smart phones collection offered by au KDDI

            The Japanese carrier au KDDI has presented the new summer smart phones collection. The collection is represented exclusively  models that are run by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Baidu phone

Baidu phoneThe Chinese search engine Baidu released it's smart phone

The Chinese search engine company, that is successfully competing with Google within the Chinese borders, has released it's own model of a mobile phone. The Changhong H5018 model is manufactured by the Fozconn company and it runs on the Baidu Cloud OS, a Baidu property.

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Apple iPhone displays Larger

Apple iPhone displays LargerApple is heading Toward Larger iPhone displays

There have been many speculations on the new iPhone that Apple in expected to present the current year. According to some information published by the WallStreetJournal who refers to its reliable sources, the new Apple iPhone  is likely to have a larger display that the previous models. The company is ordering larger screens at its Asian partners.

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HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE

TC DROID Incredible 4G LTEThe American carrier Verizon Wireless and HTC have announced the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE smart phone within the CTIA 2012 exhibition dedicated to wireless technologies that took place in New Orleans. The special name of the device announced by the HTC suggests the devices main function - it supports the LTE network,

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Sony Xperia GX, Sony Xperia SX

Sony Xperia GX

Sony announces two new Xperia devices

The Sony has presented today two new devices of the Xperia series. Both devices are the Android 4.0 OS and support LTE networks; they are Sony Xperia GX and Sony Xperia SX. Both devices are outstanding by their technical features and their design. It looks like the devices will be first presented in Japan.

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Mobile phone silicone

Mobile phone silicone

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IQ Fly Whizz

IQ Fly Whizz

Fly Whizz -IQ series smart phone

The Fly have presented its next Fly IQ240 Whizz model - an affordable smart phone that supports 2 sim cards. The  case of the device is performed of materials that are agreeably to touch, due to the special shape and compact size (118 x 62 x 12 mm) it is easy to be operated. The battery of the device can ensure up to 4 hours of talking time and up to 200 hours in stand by regime. The smart phone runs on the Android 2.3.5 OS.

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LG T375 Cookie Smart

LG T375 Cookie SmartLG T375 Cookie Smart touchphone with 2 sim cards

The NewMobile has told about  the mobile phone LG T375 that is being prepared. Yes you did get it right it is a mobile phone, not a smart phone, and it supports 2 sim cards. According to NewMobile, the device will  get on the market under the LG Cookie Smart name.

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HTC Golf

HTC GolfHTC Golf

There were earlier published information regarding the HTC Golf smart phone. The PocketNow had published an image of the given device and some new data about it. It turned out that HTC Golf is a coded name. The commercial name of the device will be presented as HTC Wildfire.

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Samsung Galaxy III

Samsung Galaxy IIIThe Samsung Galaxy III is planned for the May 3

We have written earlier about the fact that Samsung Electronics has begun delivering the invitations to the event dedicated to the announcement of the new flagman device - Samsung Galaxy III. It looks like, back than it was a fake. Now the company is inviting to the event that has the slogan "Come and meet the next Galaxy",

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Motorola XT390 in China

Motorola XT390 in ChinaMotorola have presented it's new Android smart phone Motorola XT390 in China

The Motorola Mobilityhave presented the new Android smart phone model Motorola XT390 for the local carrier China Unicorn. The phone will be sold for about 160$.

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Sony is preparing a new smart phone with a 4.3 inches AMOLED display

The last Android devices that are manufactured by the Sony are radically different from the devices that the Sony Ericsson used to offer. Despite the fact that Sony is positioning it's Reality display among the best displays on the market, the company is still working on it's improvement.

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LG Optimus L7, LG Optimus L5

LG Optimus L7

LG Optimus L7 will appear on the market in April, while the L5 - a month later

The official blog of the company have published some information about the release terms of the Optimus L5 and L7 on the French market

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NOKIA 306NOKIA 306 - a continuation of the ASHA series

The first sketches of the Nokia 306 from the Asha series have appeared on the web. Judging by the sketches, the phone will be performed in a classic style of a sensory mono block that will support memory cards and standard USB  charging slot.

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HTC EVO 4G LTEHTC EVO 4G LTE: smart phone with a HD display and HD voice and Beats Audio technologies

The North America carrier Sprint in collaboration with the HTC have presented the new Android smart phone - HTC EVO 4G LTE. According to the manufacturer's statements the smart phone is the first smart phone in the US that supports the HD Voice kodek for mobile networks,

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T-Mobile Huawei Ascend G312

T-Mobile Huawei Ascend G312

T-Mobile Huawei Ascend G312 - Android-smartphone with a  QWERTY-keypad

The Huawei had released a QWERTY slider on the Android- Ascend G312 platform. The T-Mobile Huawei Ascend G312 is built on a Qualcomm MSM8255T processor (1,4 GgHz). It is equipped with 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb of built in memory,

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Turkish iPhone 4g vs Chinese iPhone

Turkish iPhone 4g vs Chinese iPhone

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Sanwa USB Reader

Sanwa USB ReaderSanwa USB Reader – USB-port and SD-card reader for Android-smart phones

It would be great to have the opportunity to share files from different devices directly to your smart phone without including the computer as an intermediary device. The Snawa company is actively working on the given challenge. The solution is the Snawa USB Reader - it is a small gadget that shall be introduced into the microUSB-port of the telephone thus ensuring the access to a full size USB port, 2 SD-card readers and a microUSB slot (the last one is being used for charging the device).

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