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Motorola ROKR E8

In 2006 the producer (Motorola company) decided that mobile phone Motorola ROKR E8 should become one of the most popular phones of the summer-autumn 2007 but because of the problems connected with creation of the platform it never happened. mobile phone Motorola ROKR E8 The dates of appearance of this Motorola’s mobile were postponed from one month to another and its future was more and more mysterious. It is interesting that the Motorola company started active product placement in summer and at Christmas Eve the mobile phone Motorola ROKR E8 was shown for 7 seconds in the video clip of the famous singer Fergie. The misunderstandings inside the Motorola company did not allow the phone Motorola ROKR E8 appear on the market in time.

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Mobile phone LG Shine KE970

Mobile phone LG Shine KE970

The mobile phone LG Shine KE 970 is the first phone made only from metal!!!
It is the first slider created totally from metal even the smallest details and it completely satisfies the requirements of modern users. LG Shine KE 970 combines a very special design with high quality technologies, photo camera with audio focus of 2 mega pixels with the lenses Schneider- Kreuznach.

The LG Shine offers its users extra sensational experience via sophisticated screen that functions like a mirror when the phone is closed. KE 970 has a color display of 2,2 inches with shiny icons in the blue nuances when the LG mobile Shine KE 970 is in use.

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The first photos of the communicator HTC Pharos

HTC Pharos p3470

The first shots of the unannounced device HTC Pharos of the company HTC got into the world net. The image was accompanied with a short description and the name was indicated – HTC Pharos.

HTC Pharos or p3470, as it is mentioned in the description, works under the management of OC Windows Mobile 6 Professional and is equipped by the processor TI OMAP 850 with 200 MG, 128 Mb operational memory and 256 Mb ROM.

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iPhone in Canada: Rogers lowering data rates

iPhone Canada

Since iPhone’s introduction in January 2007, Rogers Wireless has claimed to be bringing the iPhone to Canada — or denying that it is planning to do so, depending on the time of year and the representative you ask.

What is well known is that Rogers is the biggest Canadian GSM mobile carrier, and that so far Apple and Rogers did not seem to have reached a satisfactory for both sides agreement.

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The Sony Ericsson K750i cell phone review

Sony Ericsson K750i cell phones review

The sale of one of the most successful models of Sony Ericsson cell phones– Sony Ericsson K750i began in 2005. The body of the Sony Ericsson cell phone is performed in the form-factor monoblock and two colors prevail- black and silver. The small size (100x46x20) will allow the representatives of both sexes to purchase Sony Ericsson K750i regardless of their age. The ergonomics of Sony Ericsson K750i is very comfortable, there weren’t noticed any false turnings, the joystick and the keys have a medium speed.

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The communicator LG KS20

Communicator LG KS20

If we look at the design the model reminds us of communicator LG KE850 Prada: it is equipped with a big sensor display and does not have buttons. The communicator LG KS20 woks with the help of management of the operating system Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Among its characteristics are 2,8 inch display, 2 mega pixel camera, front camera for video phoning, interface Bluetooth 2.0, installed MP3 player. The LG communicator supports the standard HSDPA with the speed of information transfer of 3,6 megabit per second.

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FOMA D703i: the thinnest 3G monoblock in Japan.

One more "thin phone" for the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo was presented by the company Mitsubishi. FOMA D307i is a 3g monoblock able to work in the nets of third generation and having the width of only 9.9 mm. It is positioned as the thinnest model of 3G monoblock in Japan of a non flip type. Additionally it is equipped by 2.4 inches display and has a rather distinguishable keyboard.

Foma d703i-3g monoblock

Just as many Japanese models it possesses advanced possibilities in providing the security of the information, including the regime of reflecting the information in such a way that it is seen only by the user...

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Philips mobile service codes

philips logo

I've found some Philips mobile service codes. May be they will help to your Philips mobile to configure setings.

  • *#06# IMEI
  • *#2254*# Status register: C,BS,RR,MMI,CREAT
  • *#2255*# activate and deactivate the "DEBUG CALL" -Mode; when activated,make a call to busy line an the phone will display some hex codes on the display
  • *#2558*# the time in days, hours and minutes you are connected to the net
  • *#2562*# not clear; the phone reconnect to the net
  • *#2565*# not clear; warmstart ?
  • *#3333*# (NO) blocking -list (15 items)
  • *#2377*# "BEER" : not cler the phone waits a random time and reconnect to net, sometimes make reset

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Mobile phone Samsung F490 in Europe

Samsung F490

The new mobile phone Samsung F490 will soon appear on the Europe market. This mobile phone is the latest novelty from the South Korean producer.

3.2 inch sensor TFT display occupies almost all the front area of the phone with the 240x432 pixels reflecting 262 thousand colors with has the size of 16:9. Don’t even look for such anachronisms as buttons! The management is performed by the fingers thanks to the interface Croix. The function VibeTonz is installed for more detailed perception and when the signal is received from the sensor button the phone vibrates. Even games stored on Samsung F490 are finger-manageable.

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Nokia mobile phone codes

nokia logo

Maybe someone will need these Nokia service codes. Actually i have a mobile phone of other company but one day they were very helpful for Nokia 7650 for my friend. I think that everyone should have the service codes for different phones.

  • *#06# IMEI
  • *#0000# view Software Version
  • *#746025625# [*#sim0clock#]
  • *#92702689# [*#war0anty#] secret menu:
      1. Displays Serial Number
      2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture (0997)
      3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased
      4. Displays the date of last repairment - if found (0000)
      5. Makes you capebel of transferring user data
      6. Shows how many hours the phone has been on

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communicator ASUS M930- new details

Communicator ASUS M930

After a long silence we have access now to the new information about the communicator-book ASUS M930. The information about the date of the official release appeared and the functional features were corrected.

Communicator ASUS M930 is made in the form-factor of a book which is very rare today and only Nokia continues to use it. On the front panel is situated the 2 inch QVGA display and digital keyboard. If you open up the device you get the real working place with 2.6 inches display of 400x240 pixels and QWERTY keyboard with the additional block of navigation buttons.

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Media Skin: simplicity and softness in mobile phone

The Japanese operator KDDI presented a mobile phone called Media Skin. It is presented by the project AU Design in which the operator uses the help of famous designers in creating new models. At the end of last year this model was presented as a concept and now the operator prepares it for commercial release. The designer Naruhito Yoshioka helped in creating the external appearance of the phone.

Media Skin mobile phone

The model will be released in tree color variants and the main feature is its simplicity and lack of additional details in appearance. At the same time the material covering the phone (using silicone as one of its components) is supposed to bring additional pleasant feelings – as the operator suggests, since it is as soft as leather.

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It is not a secret that the world today is in constant move. And informational technologies, phones being among the first, expand very rapidly. So the companies providing communication services are the ones that determine the quality of communication as well as those dictating new tendencies.


The company T-Mobile was founded in December 1999 as a company owned by Deutsche Telecom. Since then T-Mobile became one of the leading companies in mobile communications. It was among the first to operate the GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) which permitted the company to go to the next level of its development. T-Mobile and its affiliates used such technologies like GPRS, UMTS and W-LAN which were focused on the future usage.

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Toshiba Portege G710 will soon appear in Italy

The presentation of the two new apparatus Toshiba series Portege took place in Milan. One of the novelties was the monoblock communicator with QWERTY keyboard Toshiba Portege G710.

Toshiba Portege G710

Toshiba Portege G710 looks rather usually for the devices of this class. The appearance of the trackball which replaced the Joystick/navigation key should be mentioned. The novelty is based on the operational system Windows Mobile 6 Standard and is equipped with installed GPS-receiver.

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Mobile phone owners are irritated by... hi-end features

angry mobile phone user

The more advanced mobile phone you have, the more annoyance it can cause. Such a conclusion can be made after the CMO Council research, done in the end of 2007 and partially sponsored by Palm.

A survey involving nearly 15,000 mobile phone owners from 37 countries revealed that among all the complaints, the number one problem was "too many functions I did not use".

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FLY SX100 - stylish thin monoblock already in Europe

Fly sx100

The international brand Fly presented on the Russian market a new mobile phone FLY SX100. The monoblock possesses good exterior and functional features.

Fly SX100 includes the most modern tendencies of the monoblocks of our time. This is the usage of aluminum insertions in the body of the phone and the width of only 9.9 mm.

The phone Fly SX100 is equipped with TFT display with 220x176 pixels reflecting 262 thousand colors. It also performs the role of the video search for the 2 mega pixel camera with digital zoom, autotimer and the function of recording video in the format MPEG4 and 3GP.

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TV-communicator from E-TEN is on its way!!!

tv communicator

The company E-TEN is working on the new apparatus from the firm series Glofiish. The TV-communicator V900 will be distinguished by varied functions regarding viewing and accepting the channels of the digital television.

Actually only a poster is presented as the official information. It shows the device itself and enumerates the formats of editing. It should be noted that according to the last characteristic TV-communicator V900 left behind many rivals. The formats DVB-H, DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB are present and the screen can show the image in the landscape orientation.

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Sony Ericsson announced W350!

Sony Ericsson W350: it is easier to manage music now!

Sony Ericsson W350

The company Sony Ericsson announced about the appearance of the new mobile phone from the series Walkman – Sony Ericsson W350, which places the main accent on music.

The novelty is made in the form of the flip-phone, is equipped with 1, 3 mega pixel camera and TFT display of 1.9 inches. Also we should note the support of Bluetooth with the function of the stream stereo thanks to which is it possible to listen to the music and receive phone calls with the help of wireless garniture.

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The first information about Samsung A827

Samsung A827

The American operator AT&T is preparing for its users an exclusive novelty, mobile phone Samsung A827 Access. This is not very expensive monoblock which can be noted for the support of the mobile television.

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Dual Sim phone Philips 699

philips 699

The Philips 699 is an upcoming dual SIM phone full touch screen phone and it has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Do take note that we are reviewing an engineering unit, and features on the phone might not all be available.

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
Size Dimensions 106 x 56 x 15 mm
Weight 98 g
Display Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors
Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization Download
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook Yes, Photocall
Call records 30 received, dialed and missed calls
Card slot microSD (TransFlash)
- 11 MB shared memory
Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 -
48 kbps

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