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Cheap mobile phones from Philips

cheap mobile phones, Philips 192

Beginning with 2006 the electronics producer Philips from Holland does not work on the mobile phone market. This department was sold to Chinese China Electronics Corporation (CEC), and a new brand Philips Xenium appeared on the oriental market producing rather high quality models.

But the contact about the sale of the mobile department Philips included besides all other points one according to which the new owner had the possibility to use the Philips brand until 2011. The Chinese decided to use this possibility and come to the European market with the cheap mobile phone Philips 192. Its assumed price is 40 euros. According to the Check internet magazine Idnes this cheap mobile phone will appear in Portugal first.

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Nokia presented Nokia N78

The Nokia Company presented new multimedia computer Nokia N78 at the World Mobile Congress.

Nokia N78

This model works under the S60 Third Edition Feature Pack 2 management. It combines 3.2 mega pixel camera with the Carl Zeiss optics and auto focus, FM transmitter, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and also memory card microSD slot.

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LG announced KF700

LG KF700

The South Korean corporation LG presented some new models on its stand in Barcelona. Here is the information about some of them: LG KF600, LG Viewty, LG KF510 and LG KS20. But the last novelty LG KF700 is worth a separate notification.

The new slider LG KF700 works with the third net generations and HSDPA standard, has a multifunctional Internet browser, is equipped with 3 mega pixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth controller and MP4 video player. The first models of the new phone LG KF700 will appear on the European market this March.

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Nokia N96

At the Mobile World Congress 2008 the Nokia Company presented a new multimedia smartphone Nokia N96. According to the company representative Jonas Ghest the new mobile Nokia N96 is destined for video watching and work with the mobile television which slowly becomes popular in the entire world.

Nokia N96

The new "ruler" of the multimedia Finnish mobile world will appear on sale in the second half of 2008. Nokia N96 approximate cost is going to be about $800.

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Samsung U600 review

Samsung U600 review

The Samsung U600 is the latest super-slim phone from Samsung. In fact, it's currently the world's slimmest slider at only 10.9mm. Better still, despite being super thin, it offers features that actually work: a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, for example, and a great sounding MP3 player with amplifier developed by Bang and Olufsen.

The U600 takes over from the old Samsung D900, but does it all with so much extra style. Looking more stylish and less business-like than the D900, the U600 offers features that put other, more tubbier mobile phones to shame. We've got all the details on this great-looking new phone, plus sample pictures taken by its camera, in our comprehensive Samsung U600 review.

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Nokia 1209 and Nokia 2600

Nokia 1209 and Nokia 2600-two new budget cellular phones from Nokia

Nokia 1209 Nokia 2600 classic

The Finish Company Nokia brings on the market two new cellular phones, created especially for the developing markets. The novelties were named Nokia 2600 Classic and Nokia 1209.

The first one works in two GSM diapasons and supports protocol GPRS. Nokia 2600 Classic is equipped by VGA camera, Bluetooth controller, FM radio player, email, supports MP3 ringtones. The resolution of the Nokia 2600 cellular phone display is 128x160 pixels and the number of colors is 65 thousand.

Nokia 2600 classic will appear on sale in the first quarter of this year with the approximate price of $95, Nokia 1209 - in the second quarter with the price $51.

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Nec unlock phone codes

Here are some Nec phone codes including Nec unlock codes. This information can be useful for somebody.

  • *#06# IMEI
  • *73738# (send?) Reset to defaults
  • *#2820# Software version
nec unloc codes


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Sennheiser iPhone headsets

FLX 70 headsets

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Sennheiser Communications has unveiled a variety of new headsets, bringing legendary Sennheiser sound quality to the iPhone and iPod.

MM 50 iPhone is a wired stereo headset with an in-line microphone specifically designed to be used with iPhone.

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Softbank Mobile 920SC

The information department of the mobile connection operator Softbank Mobile announced the appearance of a new slider Softbank 920SC Softbank 920SC on the Japanese market which is noted for the presence of two cameras: 5 mega pixel for the photo shots and 3 mega pixel for video conferences. The novelty will win it's buyers by the canon flash, 3x zoom, Bluetooth controller, GPS module, system of face recognition and automatic focus distance detection on Softbank 920SC.

The built in camera has the means of getting rid of hand shaking while filming and "red eye" effect with the help of photo montage before printing. The SoftBank 920SC display has the diagonal of 2,4 inches, resolution 240x320 pixels and 26 million colors. The new slider 920SC works in the W-CDMA and GSM nets (900/1800/1900 mh).

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Helio presented its new slider Mysto

Helio slider Mysto

The South Korean mobile cellular phones producer enriched it's collection of the mobile phones with a new Helio slider Mysto that will be distributed by the Samsung Corporation.

The new device Mysto working in the diapason 3G CDMA is built on the basis of Samsung U600 which was popular last year. Mysto is equipped by 2,22 inches QVGA display, 106 Mb memory for the user database storage and Flash card MicroSD slot up to 4 Gb. The slider Mysto allows to connect mono or stereophonic Bluetooth garnitures (the A2DP) standard and to film with the built in video camera in the MPEG 4 format.

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Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120

Nokia company announced Nokia 3120 classic

In the press release of the Finnish producer it is announced that the new mobile phone Nokia 3120 classic is not noted for "super modern" functions and continues the traditions of the model Nokia 3120 line of the corporation. The novelty works with the third generation nets, supports video phone calls, music files download, is equipped by the Internet browser, e-mail address and instant messenger.

The mobile phone Nokia 3120 is equipped with 2 inches QVGA display, 2 mega pixel camera with the flash and video camera for the conference connection.

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Women's mobile phones - Samsung La Fleur

Women mobile phone, Samsung L320

After releasing A400 in 2001 the company Samsung created a new segment of the market – mobile phones created for women. Last year the company presented a whole series of the mobile phones for women united under the name La Fleur and including the models E420, E500 and E570. Now Samsung is renewing the collection announcing the appearance of the new phones in the same collection La Fleur – L310, L320 and F250.

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Bosh mobile service codes

I came across the service codes for the Bosh mobile phones in one program. Bosh mobile codes I have not seen these phones on sale for a long time but maybe the happy possessor of this kind of phones needs these Bosh mobile codes. In any case the information will prove to be useful for those who repairs mobile phones

  • *#0000# Language automaticaly (reset to english)
  • *#3370# Enhaced Full Rate
  • *#3370# Reset the phone
  • *#9000# enter sim lock code
  • *#9001# enter the corporate Bosh mobile code

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Mobile cellular phone

The Holland mobile cellular phone producers are preparing the first Cheap 3G phone which is going to cost less than one hundred dollars.

Mobile cellular phone

A combined press release of the independent mobile cellular phone producer from Holland NXP Semiconductors and Purple Labs, the producer of Linux-solutions for mobile cellular phones appeared in the Internet yesterday. It announced the cheap 3G phone (reference-design) which includes video phoning, music files decoding, high speed Internet surfing and stream video support.

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Cellular phone Sony Ericsson S600i

The package of the cellular phone Sony Ericsson S600i allows you to express your personality the best way you can!!!!!!!! It is easy to change Style-Up covers, to customize the patterns and colors, to take and send photos and video, create messages combining music, images, video and text!!! cellular phone Sony Ericsson S600i This unique phone Sony Ericsson S600i contains more than one loud speakers, but the vibration is not improved at all and is of average quality.

This cellular phone Sony Ericsson S600i cannot be compared with other models. It is presupposed the Sony Ericsson S600i will not be one of the best seller phones but will have its admirers nevertheless.

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5 most expensive Cellular services

Five countries where mobile communications are most expensive.

The research company Informa Telecoms& Media made a list of 186 countries basing on the cost of the cellular services of mobile operators.

cellular services

The experts noted the countries depending on the cost of an average package of cellular services including 25 phone calls and 30 SMS messages.

The leader of the list is Kuwait where the monthly fee for the cellular services is $75,18. Two mobile operators function on the territory of the country – Kuwait Mobile Telecommunications and Wataniva Telecom. More than 2,3 million of inhabitants of this country are suing the cellular services. More than 2,6 million people live in the country and the average year profit is $26 thousand.

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Samsung i900 - one of the Samsung cellular phones

Samsung cellular phones, Samsung i900

Last week the first rumors about the new smartphone of the South Korean corporation Samsung appeared. The smartphone Samsung i900 is supposed to have 5 mega pixel camera, sensor display and orating system Windows Mobile 6.1. The employees of the French division of the producer confirmed this information about the new Samsung cellular phone.

The only available image of the Samsung cellular phone SGH-i900 did not allow to make out the details of the interface and the look of the possible novelty, but according to the specific features it was clear that it was Windows Mobile smartphone.

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Motorola RAZR V3 is one of the top selling AT&T cell phones.

Recently the company AT&T announced the list of the top selling cell phones. Motorola RAZR V3 is among the most popular AT&T cell phones. Motorola RAZR V3 Motorola is one of the high demand cell phone producers on the market. But this status needs to be constantly sustained. This is why the engineers think of newer and more perfect models. Some time ago the company chose the "thin concept" devices as one of the main points of its "producing" policy. This allowed the products of the AT&T to be among the top selling AT&T cell phones.

It should be mentioned that this innovative movement of the designers was very enthusiastically accepted by the users and this design became very popular, raising the popularity of Motorola and pushing other producers towards using similar design. The company Motorola is widening the range of the "thin phones": besides the flip phones of the RAZR series, there are new series PEBL and SL VR and also a communication of the Q series. It is told about the possibility of appearance of new cell phone Motorola RAZR PDA.

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E-TEN Glofiish X650

E-TEN Glofiish X650

The family of multifunctional communicators Glofiish from the company E-TEN welcomed a new member Glofiish X650 designed for work in the GSM nets (850/900/1800/1900 Mh) and operating under the operational system Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

The device with the processor Samsung SC32442 with 500 MHertz as its heart is equipped with the 2,8 inches TFT display. It's screen has the resolution 480x640 pixels and can reflect 65 thousand colors (handwriting recognition is installed). Also the presence of 2 mega pixel camera with auto focus should be mentioned. It allows to get shots with resolution up to 1600x1200 pixels and record videos.

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NEC N703iD- another inspiration from Kashiwa Sato

mobile phone NEC N703iD

Sometimes the electronic device producers, including those producing mobile phones, invite famous designers to help develop their products. For example working on creation of mobile phone NEC N703iD, destined to function in 3G nets of the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, the NEC company cooperated with the famous designer and artist Kashiwa Sato who had various distinctions for his works.

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