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Nvidia works on the new prototypic HD phone

The representatives of the American company Nvidia announced the second generation of the multimedia processor APX 2500 and a prototypic communicator that operates under the new chip.

Nvidia HD phone

The leading designers started to show solutions like that about a year ago. First Texas Instruments presented its mobile architecture based on the OMAP3430 processor. Then the Californian microchip developer Broadcom took his turn and edited the multimedia processor VideoCore III. In all these cases a complicated system of video transforming was suggested with a low energy usage.

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Nokia 6650 T-Mobile

Nokia 6650 T-Mobile

Nokia 6650 for the t-Mobile operator. This is a flip phone from the metal and equipped with 2.2 inches QVGA display reflecting up to 16M colors. Nokia 6650 works in the third generation nets and supports HSDPA standard. Also out of all the features of the model it should be mentioned the GPS receiver supporting AGPS, 2 mega pixel camera with flash, 30 MB installed memory and microSD slot, FM radio and Bluetooth interface. The Nokia 6650 T-Mobile will appear on sale with the T-Mobile operator in the third quarter of this year with a very accessible price. For example in Germany the novelty is going to cost just one euro with the condition of the contract activation.

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Samsung G400

Samsung demonstrated new Soul version

Samsung G400

During the CeBit 2008 exhibition the South Korean corporation Samsung Electronics presented new modified Soul model – mobile phone Samsung G400 with two displays. The novelty copies the basic features of the "older" model, especially the solid appearance and the renewed graphic user’s interface.

The form factor clamshell is considered very perspective with Samsung as well as slider; this is why the decision to produce different versions of Soul is not a surprise. The body of the phone Samsung G400 has a very luxurious metallic design with long lines. Just like Soul Samsung G400 offers its users some versions of graphic interface design. Besides it is possible to change the image: the wallpaper, colors and letter font.

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New Sony Ericsson slider

New Sony Ericsson slider T303

Sony Ericsson company presented a new phone model Sony Ericsson T303(New Sony Ericsson slider) at the IT-exhibition CeBIT 2008 in Hanover. It is a compact novelty, that is performed in the form factor of a Sony Ericsson slider and refers to the high class, equipped with a mirror display, the body of the phone is ornamented with metal and chromos, which has a positive effect on its appearance and the period of its usage and the appearance of this phone is very solid.

Sony Ericsson T303 works with GSM- and GPRS diapasons 900/1800/1900 Megahertz(T303/T303c modification) and 850/1800/1900 Megahertz ( T303 version) This phone has a mega pixel photo camera, Bluetooth-controller and FM radio player. And of course it has a media player. T303 is also compatible with firm technology Ericsson TrackID (recognition of a certain track by the recorded unity, for example a video track that has been made in the restaurant.)

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Nokia 6124 Classic was presented in Ganover

Nokia 6124 Classic

A couple of days ago Finnish Company Nokia announced the appearance of the new model Nokia 6124 Classic in the second quarter of this year. The mobile phone Nokia 6124 will be sold via the Vodafone operator nets. The compact multimedia novelty supports the mobile nets of the third generation.

The press release Nokia underlines that the mobile phone Nokia 6124 is completely compatible with the firm services Vodafone which provides wide range 3G connection and multimedia distractions. The novelty is equipped with 2 inch digital display, 3 mega pixel camera with flash and the panoramic shots regime. The maximum size of the connected Flash cards is of 8 Gb.

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BenQ-Siemens EF81 review

BenQ-Siemens EF81

BenQ-Siemens EF81 is a thin and light 3G mobile phone with 2 mega pixel camera, extraordinary sound and good displays. It can support MP3, video phony, Bluetooth, has a memory card microSD slot and e-mail client. You can use Word, Excel, PDF files. The drawbacks are problems with PO and low battery hold.

BenQ-Siemens EF81 is undoubtedly a very attractive phone. Some envious users say that it is much like the representative of the Motorola RAZR but we should not go into details! There are some differences still and the keypad is much easier in use, plus it is good looking and fashionable: "I like the appearance of the phone a lot! Plus the body is metallic". According to the possessors of the phone it goes well both for men and women: "It took me a long time to choose the design – classical, without any additional details, unisex without much women's stuff".

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Microsoft Silverlight in mobile

After signing cooperation agreement with Nokia the American corporation Microsoft is going to implements its technology Silverlight in the smartphones. Silverlight in Microsoft mobile The agreements requires producing a special version of the program product for the Series 60 platform which will allow smartphones web browsers to work on the video files and large graphic images. Besides PC Nokia like N800 will support Silverlight.

Microsoft is planning to present this year Silver-players for the company produced devices working under Windows Mobile management. But at the same time negotiations will be made with other mobile phone producers.

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Emobile is going to start selling phones from Toshiba

Emobile – Japanese mobile operator – announced the quick approaching release of the new mobile phone model produced by the Toshiba Company. The novelty was named H11T.

Toshiba H11T

The mobile phone supports HSDPA protocol of the data transfer with the download speed of 3,6 Mb/sec. H11T is equipped with two digital displays: wide format LCD display with the resolution 400x240 pixels (QVGA) and monochromes OLED display with the resolution 96x39 pixels. The resolution of the built in CMOS camera is 3,2 mega pixels.

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Nokia 6300 review

Nokia 6300 review

The image phone Nokia 6300 is the thinnest phone produced by Nokia at the moment. Nokia 6300 is built on the standard S40 platform and its thin design is dictated by the rational complex detail and k not placement. Nokia 6300 is not only thin but also very light as it weighs only 91 gram. The combination of Nokia 6300 light weight and stylish thin body allows carrying Nokia 6300 everywhere: in the shirt pocket, ladies’ purse, in jeans and jackets.

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New Ultimate phones

new ultimate phones

The i-mate company presented two new models of its mobile phones line: new phone Ultimate 9502 and new phone Ultimate 8502.

The Ultimate 9502 model of the famous Mobile brand is now going to be among the first having the ability to connect to the 3,5 G nets and HSUPA/HDPA protocols. The new Ultimate phone is equipped with 2,8 inches digital VGA display and operates under Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. It also possesses GPS navigator, compact QWERTY keypad, photo camera and memory card micro SD slot.

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New T-Mobile Phones

The T-Mobile is a well known phone company which provides almost a quarter of the world population with mobile services. In order to perform this role, the company cooperates with mobile phone producers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others. Here follows a short description of the new t-mobile phones rivalry.

t-mobile phone Nokia N82

The new t-mobile phone Nokia N78 replaces older t-mobile phone Nokia N73. This is a kind of "player replacement" and a rather unusual one. It should not be mentioned that the producer wants to get rid of Nokia N73 which is one of the most massively t-mobile phones sold models on the S60 market. This model is going to continue to be sold but Nokia N78 has the same positioning as Nokia N73 at the moment of its placement into the market.

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Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman, a woman’s view

Sony Ericsson W580i p>The company Sony Ericsson presented a successful W580i Walkman in the new color- PINK!!!

Until now the mobile phone Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman was released only in the classical silver color. Now we have a new color trend – PINK. It is announced that it will be possible to acquire the Sony Ericsson W580i from the AT&T operator with the price of $130 after signing the two-year contract. It should be mentioned that Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman did not get the new name be accident.

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Nokia Morph + Video

Nokia Company and Cambridge University (Great Britain) presented conceptual nano technic device Morph at the Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA).

Nokia Morph nano technology
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Sony Ericsson Z555i review

Sony Ericsson Z555i review

It is well known that the most expected novelties are expensive and multi functional smartphones or in the Sony Ericsson case-famous models of the Walkman series. The new flip phone Sony Ericsson Z555i is not one of the most expected this is why it may remain unnoticed.

Sony Ericsson Z555i cannot be called stylish, glamorous and very attractive device. The appearance is not very appealing but the functions are rather useful.

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Hitachi phone W61H

Mobile Hitachi W61H

The novelty from Hitachi will help you to stand out from the crowd. Today in almost all developed countries each person has a mobile phone or some other type of gadget. And it is not always pleasant to see other people having the same kinds of phone as you have. The Hitachi company developers proposed their not too complicated solution that will ease the situation.

All is about the new model Hitachi W61H which has an additional display on the back side of the phone which is called by the producer "silhouette screen". The users can change from 95 set images depending on the mood or situation and the images can be interchanged. The talk time of the Hitachi W61H novelty is up to 250 minutes.

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SIM Card Reader

Backup your mobile phone book; restore your deleted SMS messages, edit your SIM card, export your Outlook contacts to a mobile, safely login to your PC, encrypt and decrypt your sensitive data, digitally sign and encrypt your email . Check out what else this small SIM card reader can do for you.

SIM Card Reader

Over the past several years the increased demand for SIM card readers has resulted in market being filled with SIM reading devices of all shapes and kinds. The prices for the readers vary very much as well - from several cents to several tens of dollars. How to choose one that would be reliable and yet cost-effective? Below we list a few of the important factors to consider when buying a reader:

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Mobile Phone for Sportsmen

Mobile phone for sportsmen

The "mobile phone for sportsmen" from the Japanese corporation Toshiba was designed mainly for the people who go in for sports. The novelty is included in the modeling row of the Japanese mobile network KDDI in 2008 (the approximate time of its appearance is March).

The main feature of the mobile phone for sportsmen is the function AU Smart Sports which allows to use the phone for controlling the trainings and pointing out the rhythm. Toshiba W61T is equipped with the 2,9 inches OLED display (resolution QVGA 240x400 pixels), 3,24 mega pixel CMOS camera, memory card microSD slot (up to 2 Gb). The designers much improved the video recording quality with the resolution VGA, armed the mobile phone for sportsmen with FM radio receiver and USB port. It is evident that the designers did not work too hard on this model which nevertheless does not make it worse.

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Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

At the Mobile World Congress 2008 Sony Ericsson presented a new mobile phone in its musical trend Walkman - the new model Sony Ericsson W980 will surprise the users with a new and clear sound, as the IT news reporter from Barcelona declares.

Special attention should be paid to the designer's work of the phone Sony Ericsson W980 which is equipped with the media player management buttons and additional display – Walkman on Top which allows managing audio files without flapping open the phone. 8 Gb memory will make every music player happy and the built in FM transmitter will help sending favorite songs to your friends. Having the access to the PlayNow service and the global net you can enrich your play list with new melodies every day.

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Cell Phone for Kids

Sagem my411C Lulu Castagnette

The French company Sagem produced a new phone that should become the best toy for every kid. This is the model Sagem my411C Lulu Castagnette that is named so after the little bear drawn on the body of the cell phone for kids.

The kids cell phone Sagem my411C Lulu Castagnette is edited in the form factor of a flip phone. Its appearance leaves no doubt that it was created especially for kids. This is hinted by the rounded corners, the color design and certainly the little bear Lulu Castagnette drawn on the corner.

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Samsung G810

Samsung G810

The new mobile phone is related to Infotainment. But new Samsung G810 is not only the novelty regarding photographing but also a device for communication, including blocs, Internet navigation and many other.

The functions of the new Samsung G810 position it as the direct rival of Nokia n95, Nokia N82 and Sony Ericsson K850i.

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