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Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia N96


Nokia announced new smartphones Nokia E66, Nokia E71 and Nokia N96

Before the release of the new series Apple iPhone its rivals also working on the smartphone market are in a hurry to present their novelties that will stand in contrary to the famous brand. First Korean Corporation Samsung presented a new device Omnia, now the Finnish producer Nokia announced some new business smartphones of the E series.

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Fly MC100

Fly MC100

Fly MC100-music phone from Heavens

As it is well known British Compamy Meridian Group, that possesses the Fly brand, is one of the most dynamically progressing companies producing mobile phones.

Besides the fact that the buyer does not pay double price for the brand ( like in case with Walkman or XpressMusic), Fly MC can be noted for some features including the presence of an audio chip from Yamaha. The music quality in the phone is rather high. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of 3 dynamics.

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Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302: stylish cameraphone for an acceptable price

The spy rumors and information leaking on the Sony Ericsson Blog site has become a tradition! The second telephone with available information is Sony Ericsson S302.

Sony Ericsson S302 will belong to a completely new series- it is most probably the line of cheap cameraphones with a low price and average characteristics.

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Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia

Nokia showed interesting noveltie.

On the photo you can see Nokia 5800 XpressMedia that was known before as Tube - the very same phone which is supposed to be the first one working on sensor interface S60 Touch. Unfortunately the photos are not accompanied with any kind of information but we can see that Nokia 5800 has a 3,2 mega pixel camera with the Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash, and the stylus goes in the set.

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Mobile popcorn, video

Just imagine what happens to our organs and what effect it has on our health.

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Samsung U800 Soul

Samsung U800 Soul

The Samsung Company presented new model Samsung U800 Soul

The Samsung Company presented a new model U800 Soul in the monoblock form factor.

Samsung U800 Soul corpus is made of metal, its width is 9,9 mm. The following color solutions are available: Soul Grey, Platinum Silver, Metallic Black, Soul Pink and Amethyst Violet.

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Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905

Now Sony Ericsson C905 "live" photos are available

New "live" Sony Ericsson photos appeared on the forum. At the same time the novelty is compared to RAZR which permits making suggestions about its size. It should be mentioned that the name Q440i at one of skin shots is the code index.

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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

Apple presented new iPhone 3G

The Apple company director Steve Jobs presented new iPhone model. The new "apple" supports the third generation nets and is oriented by the satellite due to the Assisted GPS technology. The phone design is changed a little bit: the corners are more rounded. The size and display resolution remained the same. The new iPhone weights 2 grams less.

The autonomous work time is up to 300 hours in the stand by regime. According to Jobs this is one of the best results for this class device. The audio player work time is 24 hours, video – 7 hours, web surfing – up to 6 hours.

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Samsung G600

Samsung G600

The thinnest 5 mega pixel camera phone has the width of only 14,9 mm. Samsung G600 is the innovative device of this brand. Samsung G600 is equipped with new browser NetFront, Bluetooth 2.0 with the A2DP profile allowing to use stereo blues garniture and connect with other Bluetooth devices during music listening. Also Samsung G600 has a memory card slot, TV exit, stereo FM receiver.

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Nokia N98

Nokia N98, iPhone killers

Nokia N98, is it better than iPhone?

It is evident that the iPhone success does not allow other mobile phone producers to live in peace. Nokia is among them.

According to Nokia France, in the nearest future the "iPhone killers" line will be enriched with one new model from the famous Finnish company - Nokia N98. Regardless of the loud Nokia announcements that iPhone cannot be the rival of the N series smartphones, the company is in the process of preparing a reasonable answer to the "apple" bestseller.

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MDA Vario IV by T-Mobile

MDA Vario IV

The German operator T-Mobile presented the MDA Vario IV communicator in the slider form factor with the QWERTY keypad.

The German operator T-Mobile released a new communicator MDA Vario IV equipped with QWERTY keypad. The model is created on the basis of the Qualcomm processor with the density of 528 Mh and operates under OC Windows Mobile 6,1.

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SPH-W4450 – a bright novelty from Samsung

When the summer comes not only the clothes but also the gadgets become brighter. To prove this fact the Samsung Company presented a shiny glamorous novelty SPH-W4450. The phone is performed in the form factor of a slider and has a stylish violet corpus.

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New technology form Sony Ericsson

mobile windshield wipers

Sony Ericsson mobile phone "windshield wipers"

The Sony Ericsson Company has recently produced a rather interesting technology of the mobile phone display cleaning. A special brush is placed on the slider corpus. When the flip phone is open the brush is unmovable. When the phone is closed it slides on the display and cleans it from the dirt and the marks.

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Fake cell phones from China

Fake cell phones
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Sony Ericsson Beibei

Sony Ericsson Beibei

Sony Ericsson Beibei - a thin musophone with sensor display

The Sony Ericsson company continues to bring joy to the fans of its production with new mobile phones. The information that a new thin mobile phone from the Walkman series is being in the process of production appeared.

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Nokia 7310

Nokia 7310

The first "live" photos Nokia 7310 appeared.

Not longer than 4 days ago it was announced that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) site presented new official photo of the new Nokia Company phone – 7310.

Already today you can view the first "live" photos of the novelty Nokia 7310. It is supposed that the device will relate to the image company phones, operate under S40, will be equipped with 2 inches QVGA display, 2 mega pixel camera, 3,5 mm slot.

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AT&T cell phones

AT&T cell phones

We all know that almost nothing can be done without the mobile connection. And it is important to know not only the cell phone producers but also the connection providers, AT&T being one of them. So before discussing the AT&T cell phones it would be wise to take a look into the history of the company.

The American telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) was created in 1885. For a long time it has been the only monopolist for the local and far connection in the USA. In 1983-1984 under the pressure of the USA Justice Ministry as an antitrust process it gave up the local connections and concentrated its efforts on the far connections.

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Fly HUMMER HT2 – Hummer Light

The second brand phone HUMMER can really be considered an eases version. There is little similar between Fly HUMMER and its predecessor, HT2 is a totally different phone with less functions.

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LG KC550

LG KC550

The LG company presented a device with the LG KC550 index equipped with 5 mega pixel camera and having an attractive price.

LG KC550 has the width of only 14,3 mm and is created in the form factor of a slider. The mobile phone LG KC550 is created for the GSM nets work and is equipped with the display with the resolution 240X320, Bluetooth module with the A2DP specification support, 256 Mb installed memory with the possibility of enlarging with the help of the microSD memory card slot and FM receiver.

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Cheap CDMA phones, Nokia 3606 and Nokia 1606

Nokia 3606

Nokia 3606 and Nokia 1606cheap CDMA phones from Nokia

The Nokia concern presented 2 new CDMA phones of the beginner level. Nokia 3606 and Nokia 1606 are made if the form factor of a flip phone. Their appearance is almost identical but the first model has more functions.

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