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Samsung D780 DuoS

Samsung D780 DuoS

Samsung D780 DuoS

The much expected continuation from Samsung turned out to be Fly B700 Duo rival. This is a cheap monoblock which supports the workd of two SIM cards simultaneously. Is it a new hit?

Just like B700 the novelty is performed the form factor of a monoblock and has a neuter design. Some may think that the monoblosk is too simple. The corpus is exclusively plastic. The materials are not very expensive like for the medium class devices. The dimensions and weight if D780 are a bit bigger than the average and this makes Samsung D780 look more massive. It could be more mobile though.

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NEC N908

NEC N908

NEC N908 - a credit card size mobile phone

The NEC Company presented a new mobile phone NEC N908 at the Q3 exhibition. It is an image model created in the form factor of a monoblock with a sensor display. The dimensions of the new phone N908 do not exceed the dimensions of a usual credit card. The users of this device will have to forget about the keypad as it consists only of a display.

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Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132 review

Sony Ericsson J132 – all is easy

Sony Ericsson J132 is a cheap model with FM radio created in the form factor of a monoblock. In general the device has only calling functions.

Sony Ericsson J132 features:

  • Class: budget
  • Phone line placement: above Sony Ericsson J120
  • Rival phones: Motorola W230

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Wan Lida SG 3328

Wan Lida SG 3328,mobile phon stereo dynamics

Wan Lida SG 3328 – a mobile phone with stereo dynamics.

Wan Lida Sg3328 is a novelty on the mobile phone market. This device presents a flip phone the main peculiarity of which is the built in MP3 player and two stereo dynamics on the upper panel. A special button and a five-position pad are also situated there for the player navigation.

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Google mobile

Google phone

Google mobile used the Samsung design?

A possible phone from the leading search site – Google- does not leave the enthusiasts of the mobile world indifferent. In the lack of official information they invent all possible stories and a new Google phone. One of these concepts looks rather interesting (although it reminds of Samsung Ultra Smart F520): a monoblock with the QWERTY keypad, flip aside display and an impressive navigation roll.

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Motorola Z9

Motorola Z9

Motorola Slider Z9 released with At&T navigator

AT&T today announced the release of Motorola Z9, the first phone having the AT&T Global System Positioning Navigator.

The users of Z9 can find songs and playlists with just one touch. AT&T mobile music provides a quick access for music download from eMusic and sideloading, Napster compatibility and unlimited MP3 audio files. Motorola Z9 supports up to 8Gb memory not necessarily with the removable microSD card.

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Panasonic phones, plasma

Panasonic phones, plasma

Panasonic phones are going to work from plasma

Soon Panasonic together with AbleComm is planning to equip mobile phones with plasma panels. According to the designers, they use less energy than their rivals, OLED displays, and the brightness and contrast of plasma displays are better.

First of all new Panasonic phones are oriented towards mobile TV users. In the future plasma displays are going to be used not only in the wireless devices but also in the regular phones and also faxes and domophones.

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Nokia 1508

Nokia 1508

Nokia 1508: a phone accessible in all meanings

The Nokia Company enriched the line of the cheap phones working in the CDMA nets standard. The new Nokia got the index 1508.

The monoblock is equipped with a color display, easy-to-use keypad, FM receiver and a Dictaphone. 500 entries are reserved for the contact information storage. When the phone Nokia 1508 is connected to the computer it can be used as a modem.

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Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330 – a cheap help

Sony Ericsson K330 is a cheap model of the Sony Ericsson Company, it possesses a VGA camera, Bluetooth module and FM radio.

  • Class: budget
  • Phone line placement: above Sony Ericsson K320
  • Rival phones: Sagem my411x
  • Main features of Sony Ericssom K330:
  • Model: June 2008

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Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305: play always and everywhere

The world net is disturbed with the rumors that the Sony Ericsson Company is preparing the launching of the new line of mobile phones with the F index that will oriented toward mobile gamers. This will start by launching of the F305 game phone. For more convenience the novelty will be equipped with a four position button with the block of game buttons.

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Nokia RM451

Nokia RM451

Nokia RM451: new standard-bearer among luxury phones

In the mobile line of Nokia Image devices in the 8800 style there is a new member. The Federal Commission FCC approved of the Finnish novelty that has no official name so far. In the papers it is mentioned as RM451.

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Samsung W510 and Samsung F268

Samsung W510, Samsung F268

Samsung W510 and Samsung F268: mobile phones made of corn

The Samsung Company announced two ecological novelties - phones W510 and F268. When producing these phones the producers did not use harmful substances. They were replaced with bioplastic from corn.

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Qkfone WF820, watch-phone

Qkfone WF820, watch-phone

Qkfone WF820 – one more mobile phone watch.

New models of mobile phones in the form of a watch appear rather regularly now and the novelty QKfone WF820 recently appeared.

The main experimentation field with the watch-phone appearance is the buttons and digital keypad placement. While some models had everything on the display, others had the digital buttons block on the side on the belt.

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Jabra BT4010

Jabra BT4010: Motorola Bluetooth garniture

Jabra BT4010: smart Bluetooth garniture

Bluetooth garnitures Jabra are reasonably popular. They are compact and stylish. The connection quality is also worth a praise. The novelty Jabra BT4010 did not become an exception.

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Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia N96


Nokia announced new smartphones Nokia E66, Nokia E71 and Nokia N96

Before the release of the new series Apple iPhone its rivals also working on the smartphone market are in a hurry to present their novelties that will stand in contrary to the famous brand. First Korean Corporation Samsung presented a new device Omnia, now the Finnish producer Nokia announced some new business smartphones of the E series.

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Fly MC100

Fly MC100

Fly MC100-music phone from Heavens

As it is well known British Compamy Meridian Group, that possesses the Fly brand, is one of the most dynamically progressing companies producing mobile phones.

Besides the fact that the buyer does not pay double price for the brand ( like in case with Walkman or XpressMusic), Fly MC can be noted for some features including the presence of an audio chip from Yamaha. The music quality in the phone is rather high. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of 3 dynamics.

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Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302: stylish cameraphone for an acceptable price

The spy rumors and information leaking on the Sony Ericsson Blog site has become a tradition! The second telephone with available information is Sony Ericsson S302.

Sony Ericsson S302 will belong to a completely new series- it is most probably the line of cheap cameraphones with a low price and average characteristics.

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Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia

Nokia showed interesting noveltie.

On the photo you can see Nokia 5800 XpressMedia that was known before as Tube - the very same phone which is supposed to be the first one working on sensor interface S60 Touch. Unfortunately the photos are not accompanied with any kind of information but we can see that Nokia 5800 has a 3,2 mega pixel camera with the Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash, and the stylus goes in the set.

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Mobile popcorn, video

Just imagine what happens to our organs and what effect it has on our health.

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Samsung U800 Soul

Samsung U800 Soul

The Samsung Company presented new model Samsung U800 Soul

The Samsung Company presented a new model U800 Soul in the monoblock form factor.

Samsung U800 Soul corpus is made of metal, its width is 9,9 mm. The following color solutions are available: Soul Grey, Platinum Silver, Metallic Black, Soul Pink and Amethyst Violet.

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