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Watch phone

watch mobile phone

New Chinese watch-mobile phone.

I think it does not have any sense to describe the same device again. It only should be added that designers stuffed this watch with all that was possible, even a touch screen and a stylus. The characteristics are just amazing. The price is only $180 and they can be ordered right now.

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plica, two iPhones

PLICA: two iPhones in one corpus

Los Angeles designer James Piatt developed the prototype of the communicator which is already considered the iPhone main rival. We have the impression that the concept creator kept to the phrase: "one iPhone is good and two are better".

Plca (this is the name of the device) reminds of a couple iPhones united together as a book. It is proposed for the communicator to be equipped with two touch screens, one of which would be the display and the other – keypad.

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Sanyo Katana Eclipse

Sanyo Katana Eclipse

The first Sanyo Katana Eclipse images

The Sanyo Company has not officially presented the Katana Eclipse phone but the producer already made known the device images.

For the first time Sanyo Katana appeared on the Federal Connection Commission (FCC) site but the photos of the phone were not shown. Sanyo Katana Eclipse presents a flip phone with rounded corners.

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Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705

New Sony Ericsson G705 slider.

Hardly a week has passed since the last new Walkman products from Sony Ericsson were announced as the rumors about new products appeared in the Net. What can we do? The industry works this way. And more probable that these products are for the new release. There is approximately no information about new Sony Ericsson G705. It is only known that this slider will be equipped with 3,2 mega pixel camera without the auto focus and will be based on the known platform A200.

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Motorola ROKR EM30

Motorola ROKR EM30

Motorola ROKR EM30 is officially presented

The Motorola Company officially presented the ROKR EM30 telephone which will appear on the Asian market.

The information about Motorola ROKR EM30 appeared before and the technical features of the device remained unchanged. The device belongs to the line of musical phones, is equipped with GPS module and FM tuner with RDS.

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Eclipse Intuit

Eclipse Intuit phone, Eclipse Intuit, Intuit phone,

Eclipse Intuit phone concept

The unpleasant procedure of inventing new strategies for longer phone usage and battery working can be compared to few things.

The given concept of the mobile phone chose a more refined way of transferring the phone corpus into the sun panel. This idea was not born long ago. The Eclipse Intuit concept created by the designer Eddie Goh presents a very good looking smartphone deprived of keypad but equipped with 5 mega pixel camera.

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Samsung Black Jack

Samsung smartphone Black Jack III (Samsung i788)

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HTC Victor-modernized HTC diamond

HTC Victor, HTC diamond, HTC

HTC Victor-modernized HTC diamond

The information that the HTC Company prepares for release a new communication model with the index P3702 appeared in the world net. It is mentioned that the device got the code name Victor. In the sense of programming as well as an apparatus, it is not the exact copy of the not so long presented HTC P3700 Diamond.

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Nokia 9900

Nokia 9900

Nokia 9900 phone concept – a pen with rolling out touch screen

Forget about Nokia Tube, it is nothing compared to the concept presented below. Nokia 9900 is the symbol of what the Finnish Company decided to achieve fighting with the Apple iPhone model. And even much more than we can imagine – the phone Nokia 9900 in the form of a pen is equipped with multifunctional rolling out touch screen.

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Circle Phone

Circle Phone

Back into the past with Circle Phone

The concept-model phone from the designer Jin Lee surprises with its simplicity and originality. In the mobile world where the phones are modernized and perfect ionized every day a new simple and well known conceptual solution appeared – Circle Phone.

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Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700 - new version of the popular

The fist information that Sony Ericsson is going to produce the remake of some time ago popular t610 appeared at the beginning of July. And all the rumors came into life in the form of the new Sony Ericsson T700 - 3,2 mega pixel camera phone with stereo speakers and 2 inches TFT display.

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Nokia 7510 Supernova

Nokia 7510 Supernova

Live photos Nokia 7510 Supernova

The Unwiredview resource published Nokia 7510 Supernova flip phone "live" photos . the first information about this phone appeared in the world net about a week ago. Supernova is a whole series of phones which follows the collection of the L'Amour image phones.

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Samsung i8510

Samsung i8510

Samsung i8510 – a powerful smartphone with 8 mega pixel camera and 16 MB memory

It looks like by the end of the year on the mobile market in the segment of the phones equipped with 8 MP CMOS modules is going to be hot. Information about a promising novelty from Samsung appeared on one Vietnamese blog. According to this information slider Samsung i8510 presents a modern Symbian S60 smartphone with 8 MP camera and 16 GB flash memory.

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XpressMusic 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

Nokia disclosed XpressMusic 5800 characteristics

It has not been a secret for a long time that the Finnish cell phones producer Nokia is preparing for the release iPhone killer – XpressMusic 5800. The phone was demonstrated not long ago but till nowadays its release date is unknown. The interest for it started to fade and Nokia decided to add some fire placing some of its characteristics in the Internet. So, what do we have?

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Sony Ericsson W988

Sony Ericsson W988

Mobile phone Sony Ericsson W988 concept

The mobile phones of the Sony Ericsson brand appear more often now and now the time has come to continue this tradition with the concept named W988. The device was presented by designer hiding his name under the nick NightBlade. It presents a modernized version of the famous serial model Sony Ericsson W980.

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HTC Touch Diamond

HTC TOUCH PRO – smartphone on Windows Mobile with QWERT keypad

Monoblock HTC Touch Diamond is going to replace HTC Touch, vertical slider HTC Touch Dual will be replaced with HTC Touch Dual Pro and for those who like communication and comfortable texting HTC is preparing HTC Touch Pro with horizontal QWERTY keypad.

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Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110-business smartphone

Yesterday the first photos of the new phone belonging to the Samsung i-series appeared in the Internet. Samsung i7110 will be positioned as the business model although it supports a wide range of multimedia possibilities.

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Skype Phone

Skype Phone

Skype Phone continues Europe conquest

The mobile phone of the VoIP large service brand continues to active spread throughout Europe. The "3" operator that has the exclusive rights of the terminal spreading announced the beginning of the sales in three European countries – Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

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Motorola ve75

Motorola ve75

Motorola released new cell phone ve75 on the Chinese market

The realization of the latest novelty from the American producer Motorola began in China. It is the mobile phone ve75. The novelty is performed in the form factor of a "polished" slider equipped with 2,6 inches wide format (the sides are 16:9) display with the resolution 240x400 pixels.

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