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Samsung S8300

Samsung S8300

The phone Samsung S8300 called Loches will be presented at Mobile World Congress

The phone Samsung S8300 the rumors about which appeared at the end of last year will most probably be presented at the exposition Mobile World Congress in February this year.

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Apple multitouch

The Apple Company got the patent for Apple multitouch interface

Last week the patent number 7479949 was finally received by the Apple company representatives. According to this document the California Company has exclusive rights for the multitouch interface usage. It is the simultaneous screen touch support with the aim of the image dimensions change with the help of two fingers or finger page flip.

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General Mobile DSTL1

general mobile dstl1

Android Communicator General Mobile DSTL1

At the Mobile World Congress that will begin in Barcelona the General Mobile Company will present mobile phone General Mobile DSTL1 with two SIM card slots functioning under the operation OS Android.

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Samsung Show

Samsung Show

Samsung Show – mobile phone with pico-projector

The Samsung Company presented new mobile phone Samsung Show which is equipped with built in projector.

The phone Samsung Show is built in the form of a monoblock with sensor display and user interface TouchWIZ.

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Fujitsu F905i


Fujitsu F905i is the first Japanese phone that left its country
As you know the phones produced in Japan are noted for exceptional functionality but never leave the country-producer. So you have little chances to find them in the nearest shop. But Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu company decided to change this situation and announced Fujitsu F905i on the Taiwan market. This way Fujitsu F905i became the first mobile phone by Japanese producers that will appear on sale out of the home country.

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Sony Ericsson W395


Sony Ericsson W395 on "live" photos

The Sony Ericsson Company finishes its work on the Sony Ericsson W395 phones and the first "live" photos appeared in the Net.

Before it was predicted that Sony Ericsson W395 will be the exact copy of Sony Ericsson F305 that will simply refer to a different line. But it turned out to be wrong and Sony Ericsson W395 has some differences in the appearance.

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DaXian X999


Just like in many Chinese mobile phones DaXian X999 has a not licensed Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional Version.

DaXian X999 also has lightning indicator, accelerometer and face distance indicator that turns on the lightning during conversation. DaXian X999 technical features:

Operational System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 professional

Processor: TI OMAP850 with 200 Mh

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HTC Motorola

HTC can buy Motorola mobile department

Motorola company is going through some hard times now and appeared information about another company ready to buy its department.

 The information that Motorola would not mind getting rid of not very productive mobile business appeared more than once, but American producer decided to put this off hoping that situation will improve.

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LG Secret

LG Secret

LG released on the home market new sensor flagman LG Secret

The South Korean Corporation LG presented on the home market new flagman mobile phone with sensor display – LG Secret. It is interesting that the novelty was already released in other regions like Malaysia and Latin America.

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Nokia N79

Nokia N79

Nokia N79 Eco with love for nature

The Nokia Company released a special version of the smartphone Nokia N79 Eco which, according to the Finnish company representatives, is an ecologically clean product.

Nokia N79 Eco ecological features are not presented by the bioplastics usage as for example in Samsung W510. With the name Nokia N79 Eco the producer offers regular Nokia N79 with unchanged characteristics.

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C-002 HiPhone, HiPhone


C-002 HiPhone or HiPhone chinese clone of iPhone

C-002 HiPhone was equipped with 3,5 inches sensor display, two SIM card support, MP3 and MP4 players, dictophone, phone conversation recording, camera, 3D speakers, Bluettooth, TF cards support, SMS, MMS, web-browser, Internet connection.

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Expensive iPhone


Expensive iPhone. The most expensive phone in the world costs $2,7 million.

During the financial crisis we can imagine many things - Vertu with the price of 45 thousand euro and so on. But can you imagine the expensive iPhone with the cost of 2,7 million dollars?

The version Kings Button iPhone 3G from Peter Aloisson was a real challenge to the crisis and for those who enter the "modest" list TOP 100 of the "Forbs" magazine offers this stylish accessory for almost 3 million dollars.

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Palm smartphone, Palm pre

palm prePalm presented new smartphone and mobile platform

The American Company Palm at the CES 2009 exhibition presented its new Palm smartphone called “pre”. The device Plam pre operates under firm operational system webOS. The Palm smartphone is built on basis of central processor TI OMAP and will be sold in Northern America in the Sprint operator line.

Plam pre is equipped with 3,1 inches sensor display with resolution 320x480 pixels, 3 mega pixel photo camera with LED flash, GPS receiver and wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controllers. Built in memory is 8 Gb. There is also microUSB connector and 3,5 mm stereo out.

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LG KM900

LG KM900LG prepares music phone LG KM900

New information appeared in the net about mobile phone LG KM900 that will relate to powerful music devices.

As if often happens in cases like that, information about LG KM900 appeared on the site Federal Connection Commission ( FCC) USA but there are relatively few details about the novelty.

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Three screen concept phone

three screen concept phoneFlip open communicator with three sensor display

It looks like big folding displays become another fashionable trend in mobile devices design – in any case different designers try to promote this trend development. Peter Cubik also made a contribution in similar devices creation – his smartphone is equipped with three independent displays which can become one larger display when necessary

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Grave phone

grave phone

It looks like the centuries and even millenniums separating cultures did not have much effect on some people’s habits. This refers to the desire to take something into the grave.

If in ancient cultures there was the tradition of burying the dead person with some jewelry and home items, in the modern world full of newest technologies the number of people wishing to take with them some high tech gadget, like grave phone. The research performed by The Future Laboratory Company situated in London, shows that the number of people willing to take with them a mobile phone or a portable player is increasing. This phenomenon takes place not only in England but in other countries as well.

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Plam Roteo

Palm Roteo

A mysterious phone: Plam Roteo prototype.

A new mysterious phone with QWEERTY keypad was already mentioned and its images appeared in the net. Now some new details about the device Plam Roteo appeared.

If before it was not known who is going to be the device producer, now unofficial information appeared according to which the prototype was designed by the Palm Company. Regardless the employers' cut downs and financial problems, Palm engineers and designers continue to experiment and develop new interesting devices.

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Samsung W690

samsung w690

Samsung announced new AMOLED flip phone

The South Korean Corporation Samsung announced about the release on the home market of its new mobile phone with the index name SCH-W690. the novelty is made in the form factor of the flip phone and will appear on sale in the national mobile operator SK Telecom in two color solutions: back and white.

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Vertu Boucheron

vertu boucheron

Vertu Boucheron 150 – golden phone for $30 000

Created in the honor of 150 years anniversary of the French jewelry producing home Boucheron, the phone looks like a real Vertu masterpiece although its appearance can be called unusual. I think that each one will have a different answer whether the phone looks good or not.

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Walkman touch


The first Walkman with touch screen

Sony is planning to present new models of the Walkman player with the memory 16 and 32 Gb at the CES 2009 exhibition. These are going to be the most advances players produced by Sony for today. Before it was known and the information was confirmed that they will support Wi-Fi. Now there is new info that Sony realized touch screen on these players for the first time. And the touch screen is not simple: it is on huge 3 inches OLED display with the contrast level 10000:1.

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