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Voxtel RX500

Voxtel RX500Voxtel released mobile phones for seniors, Voxtel RX500.

This model Voxtel RX500 will now allow an elderly person to remain alone in a difficult situation.

The Voxtel Company presented a mobile phone developed especially for elderly people. As far as we know, there were no other attempts to create "grandma's" phones.

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Motorola i856

Motorola i856Motorola i856 first photos

The first information about mobile phone i856 that is being prepared by Motorola Company appeared in the Net.

The mobile phone Motorola i856 appeared on "live" photos and is made in the form of a slider. Some technical features of the device became known. The device is aimed at American market and supports work in iDEN nets.

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GSmart M1220

GSmart M1220Details about the Communicator Gigabyte GSmart M1220

Unofficial information appeared in the Net about the GSmart communicator GSmart M1220 which is soon supposed to appear on sale.

The model GSmart M1220 is performed in the form factor of a monoblock and it will be equipped with integrated QWERTY keypad and horizontal 2,4 inches display with resolution 320x240 pixels.

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New samsung mobile phones

New samsung mobile phonesSamsung is preparing 13 new Samsung mobile phones.

Now in the mobile industry it is very hard to keep the new device preparation a secret: too many people are implicated in its development.

It is interesting that on the photo published by the web resource only Samsung OmniaHD is known out of all the other phones. The fact that Samsung OmniaHD will be operated by the previously announced platform Symbian S60. According to the resource information OmniaHD will be equipped with 8 mega pixel camera capable of filming with the resolution 720p HD with the speed 24 cadres a minute.

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LG Rumor 2

LG Rumor 2Slider LG Rumor 2 appeared at the Alltel operator with the name LG Banter.

 LG Banter appeared in the list of offered phone of the American mobile operator Alltel. Most probably it is supposed to replace old model LG Scoop (Alltell – LG Rumor version). 

 According to the design and specification, the new device is the phone LG Rumor2 that changed the brand announced on the same day by the Sprint Operator and LG Company.

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Biggest mobile phone

Biggest mobile phoneCricket creates the Biggest mobile phone in the world.

There are a lot of mobile phones now and it is hard to surprise the user with something new. But still the records need to be set and mobile operator Cricket decided to do it in an unusual way.

In order to reach the effect of novelty worth of admiration and record book, the Cricket employees decided to make their own biggest mobile phone. And not a simple phone, but the biggest mobile phone in the world.

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Xperia X1

Sonny Ericsson XPERIA X1

Mobile devices market in South Korea is considered one of the most developed in the world where local companies rule, and primarily Samsung and LG.

 Unlike its rivals trying to get to Korean user with relatively old models like Motorola RAZR2, PEBL or Nokia 6210 Navigator without GPS possibilities, Sony Ericsson decided to start conquering the Korean market with a newer but tried communicator Xperia X1.

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Unlocked GSM Cell Phones

Unlocked GSM Cell Phones

Unlocked GSM Cell Phones

Usually mobile phone producers choose the operator they are going to work with and limit the cell phone work.

When a person buys mobile device in the mobile operator store or Apple Store, he/she needs to make a contract with the operator. After this the phone is activated and can be used.

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LG Arena Km900

LG-Arena-Km900More than 1 million orders for LG Arena Km900 were received.

According to the number of orders for LG Arena KM900, we can predict a great destiny to this phone

Presented at the recent MWC 2009 exhibition phone KM900 is not on sale yet, but can be pre-ordered. LG affirms that the number of orders from different mobile operators exceeded 1 million. If we take into consideration the fact that LG Arena KM900 price was not announced yet, we can imagine how many people are interested in this device.

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Vmware, Mobile Virtual platform

The demonstration of the new virtualization platform for mobile devices – Vmware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) was one of the key events of the recent technological conference VWorld Europe 2009. If we are used to virtual machines for table PC, in the pocket electronic device this trend was not properly developed yet.

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Motorola ROKR E10

Motorola ROKR E10Motorola ROKR E10 – a sensor device with 2,8 inches display

The UIQ platform not only died but brought to death many interesting products that operated based on this platform. We can mention SE Paris and Beibei delayed to production last summer and RAZR series continuation – Motorola RAZR3 Ruby- delayed to production last autumn.

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Nokia water display

nokia water display

New Nokia concept - phone with Nokia water sensor display

Nokia presented the original variant of the mobile phone with sensor display based on water. The surface of the Nokia "water" display can become texturized.

In this device water is used as the membrane, the liquid makes the display sensor buttons more voluminous: fills in the places in the Nokia water display and then retires.

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desay a8+

desay a8+

Dual Band GSM 900/1800, Sim free, Unlocked for UK, Europe and Australia
· 3.2 Inch 16:9 TFT Screen (320×240 resolution)
· Supports Smart Map (User Uploadable)
· Dual Sim card slots (Only 1 sim is active at any time)
· High Sensitive Touch Screen

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Ketai H001, 3D display

Ketai H001, 3D displayThe Japanese produced a Ketai H001 mobile phone with 3D display

Japanese operator KDDI presented mobile phone Ketai H001 with 3D display. It allows to watch movies, images and also play games in 3D regime. It was announced by "The Register".

The Ketai H001 3D display diagonal is 3,1 inches. It was created by Hitachi Company. But it is not mentioned if the user needs to wear special glasses to work with 3D content.

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Lego phone

Lego phone

Alcatel will produce meccano Lego phone

Now long ago new information appeared about the Lego and Digital Blue cooperation. As a result of the partnership the companies promised to release different electronic devices Lego for children – cameras, players and portable transmitters – with an accessible price ($20-60).

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Nokia Skype

Nokia SkypeNokia phones will appear on sale with downloaded Skype

The Skype Company made the deal about pre-downloading its program for Internet conversation in Nokia mobile phones, as the Reuters from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona reports.

The largest mobile phone producer in the world will pre-download Nokia Skype in some of its smartphones by the third quarter 2009. More specifically, Nokia Skype will be downloaded on the N series phones including the one positioned as Mobile Computer N97.

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Phone functions

phone functions

The researches showed that 85% of people do not use all the phone functions.

An interesting investigation was published by s o f t p e d i a dot com. According to 4000 questioned people about 85% does not know about some phone functions their device has and accordingly are not using them.

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Chinese iPhone


Chinese iPhone does not have a name and any inscriptions on the corpus.

The technical characteristics of the Chinese iPhone: 3,5 inches sensor display with resolution 480x320 pixels and reflecting 16 million color shades, 2 mega pixel camera, FM radio, mircoSD memory card slot, Bluetooth module 2.0 with A2DP support.

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Kogan Agora

kogan agoraAndroid communicator Kogan Agora will be modernized

The Australian Company Kogan Technologies decided to postpone the release of its Android communicator for some time.

The communicator Kogan Agora was announced in the beginning of December last year and could become the fourth device with the Operational System Android after HTC G1, Zzz Phone and Sciphone Dream G2. Nevertheless Kogan Agora did not appear on the shelves.

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New iPhone

new iphone

New iPhone will be released in June

Another proof that next version of iPhone will appear this summer appeared in Arab Emirates.

Soon new iPhone 3G will be used in the region via the mobile operator Emirates Telecommunications. Due to this mark Davis, iPhone program director in Etisalat, gave an interview.

Feb 13, 2009 | comments (1) | read more »
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