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"Classical" monoblock Nokia began the list of the most frequently purchased phones in the world.

Mobile phone Nokia 3109 Classic produced by the Finnish Corporation Nokia began the list of monthly made list of the most popular mobile phones and smartphones of the Swedish producer of portative electronics bag producer Krusell. The information about the accessories sales is collected every month from six continents and more than 50 countries.

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Nokia 6750

Nokia 6750Nokia 6750 Mural flip phone was noticed by FCC

On the Federal Communication Commission of the USA appeared new information about an unannounced phone Nokia 6750 Mural created for the AT&T mobile operator.

 Mobile phone Nokia 6750 Mural created in the form factor of a flip phone has a rather attractive appearance. Mirror corpus covering hides the outer display which becomes evident during phone calls. There are additional buttons  for musical tracks management and "CV" button for the quick AT&T service Cellular Video access.

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Motorola Clutch i465

motorola i465Motorola Clutch i465 officially announced

The Motorola Company officially presented mobile phone Clutch i465 for iDEN nets equipped with QWERTY keypad

Besides Push-To-Talk function (PTT) providing simultaneous connection with a number of phones, the new phone is also noted for additional protection against sun radiation, water, dust and vibration negative effects.

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LG GT810HLG is working on LG GT810H communicator

New information appeared in the Net about the new communicator from LG Company which will function under Windows Mobile Operational System.

The LG GT810H model will be presented in the form of a monoblock with 3 inches sensor display the resolution of which is going to be 240x400 pixels.

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Samsung Omnia Pro

Samsung Omnia ProWill Communicator Samsung Omnia Pro appear in July?

Regardless the lasting economical crisis the largest Korean mobile devices producer Samsung does not lessen its activity in new gadgets development

New information about the popular line Samsung Omnia enrichment appeared in the Net. They are about new communicator Samsung Omnia Pro equipped with horizontal QWERTY keypad and sensor display.

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HTC G1Simplified Chinese version HTC G1

The Chinese producers do not loose time and the clone of the first Android Phone HTC G1 is already on sale.

Since the original device is rather expensive, in this time of time of crisis the producers decided to please the people who are getting poorer. For those who would like to get HTC G1 but does not have financial or some other possibilities, the Chinese variant can prove to be very suitable. Its first and only advantage is a rather small price just like in all Chinese devices.

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Hotway K300

Hotway K300Hotway K300 – a mobile phone with TV support

For those who likes to watch TV the Hotway Company demonstrated mobile phone K300 equipped with tuner.

We should mention that Hotway K300 is not the first mobile phone allowing to watch TV programs. And the producer managed to achieve a thin phone of only 11,2 mm. TV tuner is installed for TV programs viewing, also there was found some place for FM tuner, and two slots for SIM cards which are originally placed by the producer.

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Pilotfish Ondo

Pilotfish Ondo

Futuristic concept Pilotfish Ondo

The designers continue to invent interesting mobile phones which use original designer solutions.

The concept was called Pilotfish Ondo and represents a monoblock which is not usual. According to designer's plan the phone Pilotfish Ondo is firstly positioned as music device.

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Sun phone

Sun phoneKDDI and Sharp will release sun phone

Lately many mobile phones equipped with sun panels appeared and the Sharp Company is going to release a similar device

 At the moment there are no mobile phones with sun panels on the mobile phone market and the examples recently shown by LG and Samsung are not on sale yet.

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ASUS V80ASUS V80 – a thin cameraphone from ASUS

The Taiwan Corporation ASUStek officially announced new model of the mobile phone – ASUS V80. This device ASUS V80 can be noted firstly for the thin corpus which is only 16 mm thin and two mega pixel built in camera possibilities, which can make macrohotos – at the distance of 10 cm from camera, and video recording in MPEG4 format.

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Duet D888

Duet D888National Geographic presents…mobile phone Duet D888

National Geographic is partnership with the sales and renting mobile phone service with a self-speaking name Cellular Abroad presents mobile phone Duet D888. It is created to work with two SIM cards simultaneously. There are many dual SIM phones, but we should take into consideration Cellular Abroad Company specification – this company provides phones to the travelers who want to economize on phone communication but do not want to live without it.

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Casio Exilim C721

Casio Exilim C721Waterproof flip phone Casio Exilim C721

Japanese producers sometimes release their mobile phone beyond their high tech home country. Casio Exilim C721 is one of the "immigrants".

  Mobile phone Casio Exilim C721 is created in the form of a flip phone just like the majority of Japanese devices. The main device advantage is the high quality waterproof corpus which does not differ from regular corpuses.

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Sony Ericsson T700

sony ericsson t700Sony Ericsson T700 review

When Sony Ericsson get an interesting product with Walkman subbrand, skilled users who follow all the novelties apply to it characteristics and get ready for the clone appearance.

So we are dealing with a small monoblock with the dimension that will not surprise anyone today: 103,7x47,3x10 mm, they are compact but not minimal.

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Sony Ericsson C905 Plus

Sony Ericsson C905 PlusOperator T-Mobile presented mobile phone Sony Ericsson C905 Plus

New model is a renewed version of the flagman cameraphone Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot.

In addition to the flagman specification Sony Ericsson C905 Plus has a built in BBC iPlayer, You Tube service support and also smile detection function Smile Shutte. In a set with the phone comes memory stick Micro (M2) of 2 GB. Together with the new model, new corpus color is presented – pink (Tender Rose).

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CECT m188

CECT m188CECT m188 – a modest iPhone miniature

The popular communicator Apple clones production flourishes like the flowers on the tree, and a new variant appeared on sale.

For those who do not like iPhone because of its size and also Apple communicator possibilities are not very interesting, the designers created the novelty called CECT m188.

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Nokia N97

Nokia N97Nokia N97 was noted by FFC

The Finnish flagman – Nokia N97 was finally presented for testing to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

Either due to low lightening while photographing, or due to not too well known Finnish humor but the corpus of the presented model is made in pink color.

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Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Well known Swedish company Ulysse Nardin began its almost two centuries story with producing sea chronometers and now it is ready to surprise everybody with mobile phone Ultysse Nardin Chairman. Vertu and other luxury phones producers undoubtedly start to get nervous.

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Sprint Instinct S30

Sprint Instinct S30

The first official shot of the mobile phone Instinct Mini

The first official shot Sprint Instinct S30 also known as Instinct Mini appeared in the Net.

Mobile phone Instinct S30 photo was presented together with the photos of other gadgets during the Samsung Company press conference.

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Motorola Evoke QA4

Motorola Evoke QA4

Motorola Company officially announced Motorola Evoke QA4 slider

The Motorola Company presented new sensor slider Motorola Evoke QA4 which works in CDMA nets and will be sold mostly on the local market in the USA.

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Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305 FIFA 2009 for the FIFA game fans

The Sony Ericsson Company presented a special version of the Sony Ericsson F305 model for Virgin Mobile users – F 305 FIFA 2009

This phone Sony Ericsson F305 which was more of a game phone before, now has one more preinstalled game FIFA 2009, special topics, and the device itself is made in black colors.

Mar 30, 2009 | comments (1) | read more »
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