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Sony Ericsson TM717

sony ericsson tm717Flip phone Sony Ericsson TM717 was approved by FCC

At the USA Federal Connection Commission appeared new information about mobile phone Sony Ericsson MT717 also known as T707 or Elle

 According to the corpus inscription and 1700 MH AWS standard support this device is aimed at T-Mobile operator. In this case TM171 will most probably replace the old TM506 model offering the users a higher level of functions.

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Home mobile phone

Home mobile phone

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Computex 2009. Mio Explora K85

Computex 2009Computex 2009. Mio Explora K85 Communicator was announced. Together with the communicator Mio Explora K75 which  got the Best Choice Award of Computex 2009, the Mio Technology Company presented its updates version – Mio Explora k85.

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LG Tritan

LG TritanLG is working on side slider Tritan The army of very popular lately mobile phones equipped with QWERTY keypad for easier work with text will soon be enlarged with LG Tritan device.

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Motorola Rival A455

Motorola Rival A455Motorola Rival A455 will appear on sale

Mobile phone Motorola Rival A455 is ready for sales and its official technical characteristics became known.


Mobile phone Motorola A455 has a rather bright appearance but it cannot be called beautiful. The device represents a side slider with sliding QWERTY keypad and is aimed firstly at those who use different text services.

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Alcatel communicator

Alcatel communicatorAlcatel released Alcatel communicator OT-S988W

A rather unusual product was released by the French Company Alcatel. She produced communicator OT-S988W.

Usually Alcatel produced cheap mobile phones of the beginner level and the appearance of communicator among its products is an unusual thing.

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Samsung Trinity

Samsung TrinitySamsung Trinity- Side Slider for those who like to work with text.

Another device in the mobile connections operator AT&T roadmap is the mobile phone Samsung Trinity

Samsung Trinity is a side slider equipped with QWERTY keypad and aimed first of all at those who often uses different text services. The mobile phone works in GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MH standard and has the dimensions 112x56,7x16 mm. The phone display has the diagonal of 2,8 inches and resolution 240x320 pixels

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Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson W995 Sony Ericsson W995 (Hikaru)- music flagman

Steel slider looking much like Xperia X1 with 3.5 mm input for loud speakers and Sony Ericsson logotype.

This slider is made of steel and plastic. Its dimensions are 97.3x48.9x15.4mm but these are just numbers.  The design is not very outstanding. In the stand by regime the display reflects five level signal receiving and battery level. Between them you can see different icons about wireless interfaces activity or missed events notifications.

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Mivvy Dual Slider

mivvy dual sliderMivvy Dual Slider – a slider supporting Dual SIM

Besides monoblock Mivvy Company presented a mobile phone in the form factor of a slider which can work with two SIM cards simultaneously.

Mobile phone Mivvy Dual Slider has the dimensions 96x48,5x17 mm and is created for work in GSM 900/1800 MH nets standards. The Dual Slider technical features are not at a very high level but the price of such mobile phone should be rather attractive.

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Samsung SCH-M830

samsung sch m830Samsung SCH-M830 started

At the CeBIT exhibition which took place at the beginning of the year the Samsung Company demonstrated Samsung SCH-M830 and now it will appear on sale

The producer decided to start Samsung SCH-M830 sales in its mother country, in Korea, where the communicator will be sold in the mobile connection operator SK Telecom Shops.

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Microsoft mobile phone

Microsoft mobile phoneMicrosoft mobile will appear in June

The Microsoft Corporation will present its new smartphone with large sensor display which can be used without stylus in June, as Electronista quoting Twitter Corporation microblog announced.

Microblog Microsoft informs that in June the Coproration will release a new product and this month will be very important for Zune player fans. Also Microsoft is asking everyone to wait a little before purchasing Apple iPhone 3G and Palm Pre.

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LG Viewty Smart

LG Viewty SmartLG Viewty Smart with 8 mega pixel matrix appears before it was announced.

Mobile phone LG Viewty Smart which comes to replace original cameraphone LG Viewty will appear on sale a month before as it was promised during the announcement. As the British LG Representative announces it will be possible to become 8 mega pixel LG Viewty Smart owner at the end of may.

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Android smartphones

Android smartphonesTwo Taiwan Companies announced Android-smartphones

Computer devices producer Acer and telecommunication company Far EasTone Telecommunications Co situated in Taiwan announced their plans about releasing their own smartphones created on the base of open operational system Google Android. Acer is going to release not just smartphones but also Android netbooks, and Far EasTone  already announced the dates of its first device appearance – the third quarter of the year.

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Philips M200

Philips M200Philips M200 review – slow "music phone"

Mobile phone Philips M200 is a very interesting solution. It is the most accessible music phone from all the ones represented at the market.

According to the small price of the budget phone the user will get a not too bad functional solution. Of course the compromise is inevitable and this is why the owner will have to put up with some drawbacks.

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Top ten mobile

"Classical" monoblock Nokia began the list of the most frequently purchased phones in the world.

Mobile phone Nokia 3109 Classic produced by the Finnish Corporation Nokia began the list of monthly made list of the most popular mobile phones and smartphones of the Swedish producer of portative electronics bag producer Krusell. The information about the accessories sales is collected every month from six continents and more than 50 countries.

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Nokia 6750

Nokia 6750Nokia 6750 Mural flip phone was noticed by FCC

On the Federal Communication Commission of the USA appeared new information about an unannounced phone Nokia 6750 Mural created for the AT&T mobile operator.

 Mobile phone Nokia 6750 Mural created in the form factor of a flip phone has a rather attractive appearance. Mirror corpus covering hides the outer display which becomes evident during phone calls. There are additional buttons  for musical tracks management and "CV" button for the quick AT&T service Cellular Video access.

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Motorola Clutch i465

motorola i465Motorola Clutch i465 officially announced

The Motorola Company officially presented mobile phone Clutch i465 for iDEN nets equipped with QWERTY keypad

Besides Push-To-Talk function (PTT) providing simultaneous connection with a number of phones, the new phone is also noted for additional protection against sun radiation, water, dust and vibration negative effects.

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LG GT810HLG is working on LG GT810H communicator

New information appeared in the Net about the new communicator from LG Company which will function under Windows Mobile Operational System.

The LG GT810H model will be presented in the form of a monoblock with 3 inches sensor display the resolution of which is going to be 240x400 pixels.

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Samsung Omnia Pro

Samsung Omnia ProWill Communicator Samsung Omnia Pro appear in July?

Regardless the lasting economical crisis the largest Korean mobile devices producer Samsung does not lessen its activity in new gadgets development

New information about the popular line Samsung Omnia enrichment appeared in the Net. They are about new communicator Samsung Omnia Pro equipped with horizontal QWERTY keypad and sensor display.

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HTC G1Simplified Chinese version HTC G1

The Chinese producers do not loose time and the clone of the first Android Phone HTC G1 is already on sale.

Since the original device is rather expensive, in this time of time of crisis the producers decided to please the people who are getting poorer. For those who would like to get HTC G1 but does not have financial or some other possibilities, the Chinese variant can prove to be very suitable. Its first and only advantage is a rather small price just like in all Chinese devices.

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