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Nokia C6

Nokia C6Nokia C6 was approved by FCC

The USA Federal Communication Commission approved smartphone Nokia C6

The representative of the new series Cseries smartphone Nokia C6 up to this moment existing only in rumors, finally became real.

In the declaration of conformity of the Finnish Company Nokia C6 is registered by the name RM-612

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HTC Legend specifications

HTC Legend specifications

MWC 2010: Smartphone HTC Legend officially presented

Together with smartphone HTC Desire HTC Copmany officially presented Android smartphone HTC Legend.

Smartphone HTC Legend according to Gizmodo experts' opinion is the most attractive from presented Android smartphones. The palm looks really effective in the silver corpus.

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LG GD880

LG GD880LG GD880: Mini spartphone with 3,2 inches sensor display

South Korean Company LG Electronics presented its smallest smartphone with sensor display - model GD880 Mini - at the International Design Forum conference. The compact device is equipped with 3,2 inches display with resolution 480x8545 pixels, 5 mega pixel camera, wireless connection module Wi-Fi, GPS receiver, FM radio, document viewer, USB 2.0 port...

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Lumigon T1, Lumigon S1, Lumigon E1

Lumigon T1, Lumigon S1, Lumigon E1Lumigon T1, Lumigon S1 and Lumigon E1 from Denmark

At the MWC 2010 were presented mobile devices by Lumigon Corp. Company

Each of the three novelties has its own indexes which are the following: Lumigon t1, Lumigon S1 and Lumigon E1. Models Lumigon T1 and Lumigon S1 can be viewed on the presented photos. Both phones have identical technical characteristics and functions. Model Lumigon T1 is created in the form factor of a monoblock without a keypad, Lumigon S1 is created in the form factor of a slider, which makes their main difference.

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Philips Google phone

Philips Google Phone V900Philips officially presented its first Google Phone V900
Today Philips Company shared with all the world official specifications of its first communicator based on the operational system Android - V900. This device is equipped with Chinese modified version of this operational system called OPhone. Just like the majority of modern communicators, Philips V900 is created in the form factor "monoblock touchphone", this means it does not have moving corpus parts and device keypad.

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LG VX5600

LG VX5600LG VX5600 Accolade was officially presented

Fresh information about the fact that LG Company officially presented LG VX5600 Accolade flip phone which was recently mentioned, appeared in the Net.

Detailed technical characteristics of the LG VX5600 and its price became known.

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Pharos 565

Pharos 565Industrial Communicator Pharos 565

At the mobile devices market appeared new industrial communicator fundtioning under the operational system Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

Model Pharos 565 has, just like other similar devices, has a strong anti-shock corpus, which protects from dust, moisture and minor scratches.

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Puma Phone

Puma PhonePuma Phone is ready for official presentation, the first photos

Mobile Puma phone will be officially presented next week

Puma Phone, the product of presented last October cooperation of Sagem and Puma companies, will be presented next week in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress exhibition.

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LG TB200, LG GS108

LG TB200, LG GS108LG TB200 and LG GS108 will soon appear in China

It became known that LG Company is working on two new models of mobile phones which will most probably appear on the Chinese market

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Nokia C5

Nokia C5

Smartphone Nokia C5, first photos

First shots of the new smartphone Nokia C5 appeared in the Net

According to existing information we do not have to wait long for smartphone Nokia C5 presentation. Most probably this is going to happen in Barcelona at the MWC 2010 exhibition which is going to open soon.

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Zune Phones

Zune PhonesWill Zune Phones communicators be presented at MWC 2010?

The confirmation of Zune Phone existence was found, of three versions.

Although the talks about Microsoft Company development of its own palm phone Zune Phone (Pink) are relatively new, so far no one was able to boast of knowing the appearance of the gadget or the time of its release.

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Samsung Galaxy 2

Samsung Galaxy 2Samsung Galaxy 2 first shots and specification

The first shot Samsung Galaxy2 and preliminary information about dev ice specifications appeared in the Net. We should remind that original model - Samsung Galaxy - became the first Samsung smartphone functioning on the Android platform. That is why it is expected that Samsung Galaxy 2 will become more powerful smartphone version.

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T-Mobile Google Nexus One

T-Mobile Google Nexus OneGoogle and T-Mobile officially announced that Nexus One indeed has problems with 3G nets connection quality. As both companies declared at present their specialists are executing a detailed investigation on this matter to find out why this Android Phone from Google automatically drops the data transfer speed in third generation nets (3G) to EDGE (2G). Besides T-Mobile is requesting other 3G phone users to take part on comparative testing.

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HTC Supersonic


HTC Supersonic "appeared" on the photos

"Live" photos  of Android smartphone HTC Supersonic appeared in the Net (HTC A9292)

Smartphone HTC Supersonic (HTC A9292) main feature is the WiMAX technology support. It is expected that this year the device will appear on the list of mobile operator Sprint

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Nokia X6

Nokia X6Nokia X6 16 GB was officially presented and will appear on sale in the first quarter

 Justifying forecasts, Nokia Company officially presented smartphone Nokia X6 16 GB

Smartphone Nokia X6 16Gb will appear on sale this quarter. The device price was not mentioned yet but it is expected not to be more than 350 euro.

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Sony Ericsson Abelin

Sony Ericsson AbelinWill the smartphone Sony Ericsson Abelin be presented at MWC 2010 exhibition?

New information appeared in the net about new smartphone Sony Ericsson Abelin with QWERTY keypad.

It is possible that at the fore coming Mobile World Congress 2010 exhibition starting in the middle of February in Barcelona, the Sony Ericsson Company will present Sony Ericsson Abelin smartphone.

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iPhone in iPhone

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Hisense HS-E90

Hisense HS-E90 – the first Android font by Chinese company

The Chinese Company Hisense presented its first device in the smartphone segment on the Android operational system base  - new gadget Hisense HS-E90

The first Android font by Chinese Company Hisense was created in the form factor of a monoblock with sensor 3,5 inches sensor display with resolution HVGA. Also we know about 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus, Bluetooth module, FM tuner, music video and player, microSD card slot.

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Samsung W9100

Samsung Gemstone W9100Samsung Gemstone W9100 flip phone already on sale.

Samsung Company presented new phone in the form factor of a flip phone with the name Gemstone W9100.

The device attracts the user fist of all with its pleasant and unusual design. Special  color indicators inform the user about the phone condition and the flip phone interface is presented by three main topics among which you can choose from penguins, neighbors or city.

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HTC Obsession

HTC Obessions windows mobile7Will HTC Obsession on the WM7 basis appear in October?

If w believe WM Experts resource, new communicator HTC Obessions on the Windows Mobile 7 basis will appear in October.

WM Experts source announced the upcoming release of the HTC Communicator Obessions this autumn regardless Windows Mobile 7 release put off.

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