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HTC Incredible full characteristics

HTC Incredible  full characteristicsHTC Incredible full characteristics

Finally full specifications list HTC Incredible became known. It has been shown on mobile news more than once.

The device is equipped with sensor display with diagonal 3,7 inches, whose resolution is 480x800 pixels. The smartphone has 512 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM memory, 8GB flash memory and microSD card slot supporting card sup to 32 GB. The producer did not forget about built in 8 GB camera with auto focus and flash, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP modules and GPS receiver, digital compass and accelerometer talking about additional functions.

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Pantech IM-A600S

Pantech IM-A600SSmartphone Pantech IM-A600S on the basis of Android OS

Soon the new smartphone from Pantech Company will appear on sale

The mobile phone has a very long and hard to remember name, which sounds like IM-A600S Sirius. The producer positions the Pantech IMA600S as Android smartphone with impressive technical features and social nets support.

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Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft smartphonesMicrosoft is preparing two smartphones

It is expected that during a special event in San Francisco scheduled on April 12, Microsoft Corporation will make a fabulous presentation.

The analytics suppose that during the conference will be presented Pink project, the Microsoft smartphones Pure and Turtle, aimed at active and young users of social nets.

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Samsung Moment 2 M910

Samsung Moment 2 M910Google phone Samsung Moment 2 M910 first photo

The first shot of smartphone Samsung Moment 2 M910 appeared in the net

Samrtphone Samsung Moment 2 (the model number M910) was not presented yet this is why the photo relates to the "stolen" category and the information about the palm phone is not officially recognized.

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Just5 CP10

Just5 CP10Just5 CP10-second "anti iPhone" model

Just5 CP10 -GSM phone with large buttons and minimum functions sales have already started. This is the second phone in this series.

According to the company, phones Just5 were created for older people and young children. This can be seen in the following details:

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HTC MAX 4GHTC MAX 4G was cloned

The Chinese producers continue to surprise us with their novelties and new smartphone with two operational systems recently appeared on sale.

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LG Aloha

LG AlohaLG is working on Android smartphone LG Aloha C710

New info appeared in the Net about LG Company preparation of a new high-end smartphone on the Android basis

Due to the information which appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance site and also User Agent Profile file which got into the Net, it became known about new smartphone, the third one, operated by the operational system Android.

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AT&T Pantech Link

CTIA 2010: Pantech Link with QWERTY keypad for AT&T

First shots and video of the mobile phone Pantech Link appeared in the Net, which was demonstrated on the CTIA Wireless 2010 exposition.

As it turned out mobile phone Pantech Link was presented on the March 15 together with Samsung Sunburst SGH-A697 and Samsung Strive SGH-A687 models but for some reason the information about it was not published.

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Golden watch phone

Golden watch phoneCTIA 2010: Golden watch phone W  Phone Watch was presented

Kempler 7 Strauss Company presented golden version of the watch phone W Phone Watch at the CTIA 2010 exhibition in Las Vegas.

Watch phone W PhoneWatch will be released in a limited edition of 1000 devices. The producing company ensures that the new model is the smallest watch phone supporting four diapason nets (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MH).

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Mobile phone in microwave

Mobile phone in  microwave

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HTC EVO 4GCTIA 2010: HTC EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic 4G) was officially presented

The central event of the CTIA 2010 first day started on March 23 in Las Vegas was the official Android smartphone HTC EVO 4G presentation

HTC EVO 4G also known as HTC Supersonic 4G is the first world smartpone based on Android and supporting 4G WiMax nets.

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Samsung U820

samsung-u820CTIA 2010: cheap slider Samsung U820 with QWERTY keypad.

At the CTIA 2010 exhibition without much fuss was presented slider Samsung U820

Slider Samsung U820 equipped with QWERTY keypad relates to the average price segment devices. This phone is equipped with 3 inches sensor display with WQVGA resolution, sliding QWERTY keypad and 3,2 mega pixel camera with video recording.

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T-Mobile Nexus One

T-Mobile Nexus One is a smartphone by Google using the Android open source mobile operating system. The smartphone was produced by the Taiwan HTC corporation and was released on January 5, 2010. Nexus One is sold unlocked by T-Mobile and AT&T operators in the United States and will be sold by Verizon and Vodafone European operators in the second quarter of 2010.

On the Google site it is possible to order T-Mobile Nexus One phone with the contract signing or without it. At present the plan works only in the USA and later will function  in other countries.

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Airo Wireless A25is

Airo Wireless A25isProtected communicator Airo Wireless A25is was presented

American mobile operator AT&T and Airo Wirelss Company officially presented protected communicator Airo Wireless A25is

In water, dust, temperature changes and falls mobile phone Airo Wireless A25is corresponds to UL 913 standard (North America) and military specification MIL -SPEC 810 - F/G.

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G-Fone G588

G-Fone G588G-Fone G588 - similar to Blackberry but with two SIM cards

Mobile operator Bright Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. Presented mobile phone G-Fone G588 equipped with slots for two SIM cards for Indian market

Mobile phone G-Fone G588 by its design looks like Blackberry phones. The Indian device is equipped with QWERTY keypad, slots for two SIM cards, supports work in GSM and CDMA nets.

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Nokia X2

Nokia X2New music phone from Nokia X2

Rumors about next device from X series appeared in the net

The music phones line X series from Nokia will be continued in the nearest future. Mobile Phone Helpdesk resource managed to receive the information about the next X phone from the Finnish producer.

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Sunburst SGH-A697, Strive SGH-A687

Sunburst SGH-A697Samsung presented mobile phones Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687

Samsung Company presented two new models for American market - Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687

Both modes Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687 will be sold by American mobile operator AT&T. Mobile phone Sunburst SGH-A697 is created in the form factor of a monoblock with 3 inches resistible sensor display, 2 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth 2.0 module.

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Motorola i890

Motorola i890Mobile phone Motorola i890 for iDEN nets is already on sale.

North American mobile operator Sprint Nextel began selling the new phone by Motorola Company aimed at iDEN nets.

Mobile phone Motorola i890 created in the form factor of a flip phone is equipped with two displays, 2 mega pixel camera with video recording function, music player and microSD card slot up to 8 GB.

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Casio Brigade C741

Casio Brigade C741

Protected phone Casio Brigade C741 already on sale

Mobile phone Casio Brigade C741 which was tested by FCC in August last year is already on sale in the USA.

Mobile operator Verizon Wireless has not yet officially presented new protected phone Casio Brogade C741.

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HTC Incredible Verizon

HTC Incredible Verizon

Smartphone HTC Incredible new photos appeared in the net.

On its corpus you can see mobile operator Verizon logotype.

Together with new photos HTC Incredible in the net appeared new information about smartphone characteristics. The source informs about the palm dimensions which are 117,5x58,5x11,9mm (almost like Nexus One).

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