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Meizu M9

Meizu M9Meizu M9 based on Android 2.1 will appear on August 18

The Chinese sources tell that one of the most expected phones on the national market Meizu M9 will be released at the end of summer. The model following very successful clone Apple iPhone, Meizu M8, will be based on Android 2.1 and will have good characteristics since it will be positioned as iPhone HD replacement in China.

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LG LU2300 and LG SU950

LG LU2300 and LG SU950LG LU2300 and LG SU950 under OS Android

The official presentation of two Android smartphones from LG Company called LU2300 and SU950 was held

Both novelties are rather powerful models which have practically identical parameters. They are Android-smartphones working on the basis of processors with 1 GH.

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PSP P99 - PSP phone in Chinese style

The Chinese decided not to wait for the PSP official presentation and created a similar gadget

The novelty was called PSP P99. At the first sight the phone appearance does not present anything strange - it is a usual horizontal slider

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Super cheap mobile phone

Super cheap mobile phoneMotorola presented super cheap mobile phone

The British department of the American Corporation Motorola by Christmas will present a new mobile phone W180 which will be sold at a very small price, about 4 US dollars. The novelty will mostly suit the users who need a temporary means of communication for example during vacation or on a business trip.

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Sanyo Juno

Sanyo JunoCheap monoblock Sanyo Juno with QWERTY keypad

New mobile phone Sanyo Juno from Kyocera Communications Company and mobile operator Boost Mobile is being prepared to appear on sale

The device was already officially presented and presents a good budget solution for users who need QWERTY keypad

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QderoPateo Ouidoo

QderoPateo OuidooChinese QderoPateo Ouidoo on the basis of 26-core processor

The Chinese producers promise to please the buyers with a new mobile device functioning on the basis of 26-core processor.

The novelty has medium level technical features, pleasant design and has an interesting name which sounds like QderoPateo Ouidoo. The Chinese developers could resist the cloning temptation this is why the given model has a lot of similarities with smartphone Palm Pre.

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Alcatel ICE3

Alcatel ICE3Alcatel ICE3 for beautiful ladies

Soon an elegant flip phone Alcatel ICE3 will appear on the Indian market. It is aimed at beautiful ladies

From the first sight the device attracts attention with its elegance and unusual form. The phone corpus is created in the unusual square form and looks like compact powder for make up.

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teXet TM-B100

teXet TM-B100teXet TM-B100 for elderly people.

Mobile device teXet TM-B100 for elderly people with the name teXet TM-B100 was officially presented

It is interesting that the novelty is created by Alcotel Electronic Systems factory and will be sold in Russia. The phone teXet TM-B100 is created in the form factor of a classical monoblock and has all that elderly people need: large buttons to ease the number dialing, large letters for people with eye sight problems and an easy interface.

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Nokia N8

Nokia N8Nokia N8 characteristics appeared in the Net

Web-resource Unwired View published the flagman smartphone Nokia N8 characteristics which appeared in the Net

According to the information that appeared in the net, smartphone Nokia N8 presentation is postponed till the third quarter of this year. The characteristics list was published in November last year this is why changes are possible.

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LG GR700

LG GR700LG GR700 fresh photos from the Net

LG GR700 first photo appeared in the Net, at present this phone is in the process of development

For some time there was no information about the device, but now details in small but definite portions start to appear. A rather important event is the appearance of the first LG GR700 photo.

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Samsung SCH-T959

Samsung SCH-T959Samsung SCH-T959 with 4 inches display for T-Mobile USA

It is possible that in the nearest future in T-Mobile USA portfolio will appear new model Samsung SCH-T959

At the Bluetooth SIG organization site appeared information about new phone Samsung SCH-T959 according by the name being prepared for mobile operator T-Mobile USA.

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Pantech SKY Pandora

Pantech SKY PandoraPantech SKY Pandora IM-U590S was presented for South Korea

The Pantech Company presented for South Korean users a new phone with the popular in the country brand SKY

Mobile phone SKY Pandora IM-U590S by the South Korean Company Pantech is equipped with 3 inches sensor display with resolution 240x400 pixels (WQVGA),

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Cheap Pantech Link

Cheap Pantech LinkCheap Pantech Link for only $10

Finally due to AT&T operator new model of the mobile phone Cheap Pantech Link appeared on sale

For some time the novelty Cheap Pantech Link got lost from the mobile news line and there was no new information about it. But a couple of months later decided to release the monoblock to the stores and it was helped by the mobile operator AT&T.

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Blackberry Bold 9650 Essex

Blackberry Bold 9650 EssexBlackberry Bold 9650 Essex at the Verizon mobile operator

New smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9650 Essex specifications were made known. This phone was already mentioned in the mobile news.

The model Blackberry Bold 9650 Essex appearance is not very original and looks like many other BlackBerry phones.

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HTC Incredible full characteristics

HTC Incredible  full characteristicsHTC Incredible full characteristics

Finally full specifications list HTC Incredible became known. It has been shown on mobile news more than once.

The device is equipped with sensor display with diagonal 3,7 inches, whose resolution is 480x800 pixels. The smartphone has 512 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM memory, 8GB flash memory and microSD card slot supporting card sup to 32 GB. The producer did not forget about built in 8 GB camera with auto focus and flash, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP modules and GPS receiver, digital compass and accelerometer talking about additional functions.

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Pantech IM-A600S

Pantech IM-A600SSmartphone Pantech IM-A600S on the basis of Android OS

Soon the new smartphone from Pantech Company will appear on sale

The mobile phone has a very long and hard to remember name, which sounds like IM-A600S Sirius. The producer positions the Pantech IMA600S as Android smartphone with impressive technical features and social nets support.

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Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft smartphonesMicrosoft is preparing two smartphones

It is expected that during a special event in San Francisco scheduled on April 12, Microsoft Corporation will make a fabulous presentation.

The analytics suppose that during the conference will be presented Pink project, the Microsoft smartphones Pure and Turtle, aimed at active and young users of social nets.

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Samsung Moment 2 M910

Samsung Moment 2 M910Google phone Samsung Moment 2 M910 first photo

The first shot of smartphone Samsung Moment 2 M910 appeared in the net

Samrtphone Samsung Moment 2 (the model number M910) was not presented yet this is why the photo relates to the "stolen" category and the information about the palm phone is not officially recognized.

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Just5 CP10

Just5 CP10Just5 CP10-second "anti iPhone" model

Just5 CP10 -GSM phone with large buttons and minimum functions sales have already started. This is the second phone in this series.

According to the company, phones Just5 were created for older people and young children. This can be seen in the following details:

Apr 12, 2010 | comments (6) | read more »


HTC MAX 4GHTC MAX 4G was cloned

The Chinese producers continue to surprise us with their novelties and new smartphone with two operational systems recently appeared on sale.

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