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RIM phones

RIM phonesBy the end of August RIM is going to release two new RIM smartphones

RIM Company is getting ready to release two new smartphones. At least one of them will be a slider.

Canadian Company is not in the process of growth and is successfully fighting for its place on the market.

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Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 sales began

Apple is going to keep its promises

The first happy(most probably they are happy) iPhone 4 owners will appear in the nearest future. Apple Company finally started sending the gadget to the clients who ordered the phone on the company site beforehand.

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Samsung SHW-A130

Samsung SHW-A130Samsung SHW-A130 - budget flip phone with Wi-Fi

Soon the Samsung Company will bring to its home market a simple flip phone called Samsung SHW-A130.

Regardless of its budget status the flip phone is equipped with Wi-Fi module allowing to make VoIO calls.

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Samsung SP-M100

Samsung SP-M100Samsung SP-M100 -a hybrid of digital frame and wireless phone

The Korean Samsung presented a hybrid of digital frame and wireless phone

The new gadget is called Samsung SP-M100. It is equipped with I inches sensor LCD display,

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8- Google phone with 3 inches display

The Sony Ericsson Company presented Android smartphone XPERIA X8 based on processor with 600 MH

The device functioning under the operational system Android 1.6 supports Google services, TimeScape, MediaScape, is equipped with 3 inches sensor TFT display with resolution 320x480 pixels, GPS receiver, modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and 3,2 mega pixel camera.

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VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer

VIOlight Cell Phone  SanitizerVIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer for those who is afraid of microbes

An interesting device VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer appeared on sale. It is nothing else but a n effective anti microbe device created for mobile phones.

At present mobile phone is an inherent part of our everyday life, without which is hard to imagine our further existence. This device which always and everywhere is an irreplaceable companion of the user, can be the carrier of harmful microbes and micro organisms which can later cause our illnesses.

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Pantech Pursuit

Pantech PursuitSide slider Pantech Pursuit was officially presented

As it turned out, mobile device Pantech Pursuit has been recently presented

First the novelty appeared at the CTIA Wireless 2010 March exposition in Las Vegas but its developers just now presented its technical features. It is known that the device is created in the form factor of a side slider with sliding QWERTY keypad with a pleasant sport design.

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Charger boots

Charger boots

Charger boots from Orange Power Wellies

Orange Company presented to the world its latest invention which represents rubber boots with built in charger

This is not the first innovation solution from Great Britain mobile operator. The developers try to find an effective and not traditional solution of mobile phone charging in different conditions. This time the role of the charger will be played by simple rubber boots which well protect during rains and besides can be used as a charging unit for the phone.

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Nokia X6 with 8 GB

Nokia X6 with 8 GB

Nokia presented smartphone Nokia X6 with 8 GB memory

In December press conference with the Nokia Company our readers asked questions whether the company was going to release Nokia X6 with 8 GB smartphone versions with smaller volume of built in memory

As it turned out the company already  had these plans. From the beginning of the year a smartphone version with 16 GB memory was released and now before the telecommunication exhibition CommunicAsia 2010 in Singapore was presented Nokia X6 smaller version - 8 GB.

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T-Mobile iPhone 4

The Apple Company has recently presented the fourth generation iPhone. Steve Jobs effectuated this on the WWDC 2010.

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Samsung Eternity II a597

Samsung Eternity II a597Samsung Eternity II a597 -budget phone for AT&T

The Samsung Company is getting ready to release new mobile phone called Samsung Eternity II a597

The novelty became known due to the Bluetooth SIG Organization. According to its information, Samsung Eternity II a597 is a touhcphone supporting 3G nets and Bluetooth module. The main phone functions are of a basic level.

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Motorola FlipOut

Motorola FlipOutRotating Motorola FlipOut was officially presented

New information about the interesting novelty FlipOut from Motorola Company being officially presented and ready to appear on sale is on the Internet now.

The producer positions the device as compact and stylish Android smartphone with average level technical features which supports CrystalTalk PLUS technology for high quality sound transfer during talks and Kodak Perfect Touch technology which improves the viewed images quality.

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Facebook Micromax

Facebook MicromaxMicromax Q5fb phone for Facebook users

It became known that an interesting novelty from Micromax Company with the index Q5fb and aimed at web resource users is being prepared to appear on sale.

The phone is created in the form factor of a classical monoblock with QWERTY keypad and trackblock, has a rather typical appearance and a special button for Facebook quick access

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AT&T HTC AriaHTC Aria will become the smallest Android smartphone

HTC Aria will become the first Android smartphone HTC in American mobile operator AT&T portfolio.

It was mentioned that the new smartphone functions under Android 2.1 with user's interface Sense. It has 5 mega pixel camera and 3,5 mm audio input.

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Nokia C1-02

Nokia C1 02Nokia C1-02 from CSeries

In addition to previously released CSeries representatives, Nokia Company decided to add to its portfolio one more budget model called Nokia C1-02.

This novelty is the third one from all officially presented series. Just like its predecessor C1-01, it supports Series 40 platform, but does not have built in camera. C1-02 appearance is very much like C1-01 but they cannot be called copies.

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The most expensive mobile phone

most expensive mobile  phone

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gingerbreadNext Android version will be called Gingerbread

In the fourth quarter 2010 the Google Company will present new version of its operational system Adnroid which will have the code name Gingerbread

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Samsung Player 5 Anelka

Samsung Player 5 AnelkaSamsung Player 5 Anelka with the soccer star number

A very interesting mobile device dedicated to soccer player Nicola Anelka appeared on sale

The novelty is called Samsung Player 5 Anelka which has a pleasant stylish design and on the back panel there is number 39 which is the famous player number.

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Chinese watch phone

Chinese watch phone

Chinese watch phone with detachable strap

In China was presented new interesting watch phone claiming to be called the most compact phone in the world

The device is called Penthouse and it has technical features of the beginner level and flatters the buyer, just like other Chinese production, with an available price solution. Regarding the phone features can be mentioned its compact size with the dimensions of onlu 47x55x14mm and Dual-SIM technology support.

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MyTouch 3G Slide

MyTouch 3G SlideMyTouch 3G Slide will cost 180 dollars

Today the price of the officially presented by T-Mobile operator smartphone MyTouch 3G Slide became known

The novelty will appear on sale in June 16 and will cost 179,99 dollars. Of course this is the price with the condition of contract signing.

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