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Steve Jobs died

Oct 6, 2011 | Tag: Mobile news

Steve Jobs has passed away, Apple announces

A terrible news shocked the world: Steve Jobs, the president of Apple administrative board, has passed away. The Apple cofounder Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, the official website of the company announces.

Steve Jobs died

Jobs aged 56, was defeated by a pancreatic cancer that he suffered of.

He was the brain of the incredible Apple innovations like iPhone, iPad, iMac or iTunes.

"with pain in our hearts we announce the Steve Jobs passing away. His talent and energy have became the source of those innovations that made our lives better. The world is certainly better thanks to him. His great love was his wife, Lauren and his family. We think of them and all those people who were lucky to know him",  "Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being"  the Apple website states.

Jobs together with his friend Steve Wozniak founded the Apple in 1976 creating what we consider today the first personal computer in the world, Apple II.

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