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Sony Ericsson Z780

Dec 6, 2011 | Tag: Mobile news

Some buzzes have been around on the Sony Ericsson Z780 one day before CTIA begins. The rumor said that Sony Ericsson had announced a clamshell phone similar to the Sony Ericsson Z780 at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in February with the name of Z770i, a clamshell phone optimized for the Internet and was HSDPA enabled for faster browsing.

Sony Ericsson Z780

The Z780 is expected to have similar specifications but probably optimised for an American carrier with support for 1900 Mhz HSDPA, the band used in the US (unlike 2100 Mhz in Europe and other countries). A product page for the Sony Ericsson Z780 has popped up on Sony Ericsson's webpage, which is a sign that the announcement is just a few minutes ago.


December 9th, 2011 01:34 Sonu said:
What is the point of manufacturing such devices, on the modern market…

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