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How is looking smartphone market now.

Feb 21, 2017 | Tag: Mobile news

How is looking smartphone market now.
In fact, it is the most competitve market now, with very huge  competition. And to even stay in place, you need to "run" very very fast. And not all competitors can do it.
There is a statistics of the smartphone market based on reports for the fourth quarter of 2016.

How is looking smartphone market now.

Sold smartphones by operating system:
Android - 352 million (81.7%)
iOS - 77 million (17.9%)
Windows - 1 million (0.3%)
Blackberry - 0,2 million (0,0%)
other OS - 0.5 million (0.1%)
Total: 431 million

Global sales by brand:
Apple - 77 million (17.9%)
Samsung - 76 million (17.8%)
Huawei - 40 million (9.5%)
Oppo - 26 million (6.2%)
BBK CE - 24 million (5.6%)
other - 185 million (43.1%)
Total: 431 million

Samsung lost the lead because of the terrible scandal with exploding Galaxy Note 7. And from the other side Chinese producers of cheap smartphones, that fabricate millions and millions of smartphones for the internal market.


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