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Mobile cellular phone

Feb 6, 2008 | Tag: Mobile news

The Holland mobile cellular phone producers are preparing the first Cheap 3G phone which is going to cost less than one hundred dollars.

Mobile cellular phone

A combined press release of the independent mobile cellular phone producer from Holland NXP Semiconductors and Purple Labs, the producer of Linux-solutions for mobile cellular phones appeared in the Internet yesterday. It announced the cheap 3G phone (reference-design) which includes video phoning, music files decoding, high speed Internet surfing and stream video support. The installation of this solution will allow lowering the price of the mobile cellular phones working in the nets of the third generation to hundred US dollars and lower. It is supposed that the mobile cellular phone Purple Magic will be taken as the basis for the novelties of the beginner level which will be produced for the markets of the South Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Reference design is a completely integrated Linux-platform Purple labs and the cellular net system NXP Nexperia 7210. The net function 3G and 3,5G is provided by the processor ARM926. This solution follows the standards UMTS as the press release confirms.

It is expected that the mobile cellular phone will be presented to the market on the "Mobile World Congress" in Barcelona. The forum will take place February 11-14 this year.

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