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Samsung i8510

Samsung i8510

Samsung i8510 – a powerful smartphone with 8 mega pixel camera and 16 MB memory

It looks like by the end of the year on the mobile market in the segment of the phones equipped with 8 MP CMOS modules is going to be hot. Information about a promising novelty from Samsung appeared on one Vietnamese blog. According to this information slider Samsung i8510 presents a modern Symbian S60 smartphone with 8 MP camera and 16 GB flash memory.

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XpressMusic 5800

Nokia XpressMusic 5800

Nokia disclosed XpressMusic 5800 characteristics

It has not been a secret for a long time that the Finnish cell phones producer Nokia is preparing for the release iPhone killer – XpressMusic 5800. The phone was demonstrated not long ago but till nowadays its release date is unknown. The interest for it started to fade and Nokia decided to add some fire placing some of its characteristics in the Internet. So, what do we have?

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Sony Ericsson W988

Sony Ericsson W988

Mobile phone Sony Ericsson W988 concept

The mobile phones of the Sony Ericsson brand appear more often now and now the time has come to continue this tradition with the concept named W988. The device was presented by designer hiding his name under the nick NightBlade. It presents a modernized version of the famous serial model Sony Ericsson W980.

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Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110-business smartphone

Yesterday the first photos of the new phone belonging to the Samsung i-series appeared in the Internet. Samsung i7110 will be positioned as the business model although it supports a wide range of multimedia possibilities.

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Skype Phone

Skype Phone

Skype Phone continues Europe conquest

The mobile phone of the VoIP large service brand continues to active spread throughout Europe. The "3" operator that has the exclusive rights of the terminal spreading announced the beginning of the sales in three European countries – Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

Aug 16, 2008 | comments (3) | read more »

Motorola ve75

Motorola ve75

Motorola released new cell phone ve75 on the Chinese market

The realization of the latest novelty from the American producer Motorola began in China. It is the mobile phone ve75. The novelty is performed in the form factor of a "polished" slider equipped with 2,6 inches wide format (the sides are 16:9) display with the resolution 240x400 pixels.

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Samsung S7330 Soul

Samsung S7330 Soul

Samsung is preparing for release new slider Samsung S7330 Soul

Some information appeared in the net about the mobile phone Samsung S7330 which, as it is expected, will have an accessible price and will be oriented on the mass market.

The device is created in the well known design that are applied to the Soul line phones and is created for the GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) nets and UMTS/HSDPA (2100).

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Samsung SGH-U700

Samsung SGH-U700

Samsung SGH-U700 is now in pink corpus

The Samsung Company enlarged the number of the offered Samsung SGH-U700 variants.

Now the users can get hold of the Samsung U700 version in pink color. This way the Company reminded of the device that was presented at the beginning of 2007. But actually the pink version of the device appeared not only as a reminder.

Aug 12, 2008 | comments (7) | read more »

Anti iPhone

Anti iPhone

The Hop-On Company presented a phone that was called "Anti-iPhone". Indeed the phone HOP1800 is in complete contrast with the most popular in the world smartphone.

Let us begin with the most important: Hop-On HOP1800 costs only 10 dollars. It will be released in two modifications: for the GSM 850/1900 nets for the USA and for the GSM 900/1800 nets for Europe and Asia. The Anti-iPhone is performed in the form factor of a monoblock but does not have a display.

Aug 10, 2008 | comments (1) | read more »

A new phone X908 with 8 mega pixel photo camera was released in China.


A new phone with 8 mega pixel photo camera was released in China.

A new mobile phone appeared on the Chinese market. It supports the TV signal receiving and 2 SIM cards work. The novelty does not work with the third generation nets and is released by an unknown brand with the name X908.

Aug 8, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »

AT&T iPhone

AT&T iPhone

It is known that AT&T has a contract signed with Apple according to which AT&T is the exclusive seller of AT&T iPhones in the USA. But it is not known how long the contract is going to last. Some sources announce that the contract was signed for 5 years, while others tell that it was signed for two years. No one can say it for sure, as AT&T and Apple do not inform the Mass Media about the contract details.

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5,1 mega pixel cameraphone

5 mega pixel, cameraphone

Panasonic released 5,1 mega pixel cameraphone 921P

Panasonic released a new cameraphone Panasonic 921P with 5,1 mega pixel camera equipped with auto focus and the hand shaking prevention system.

The cameraphone possesses 3,1 inches wide display, micro SDHC card slot (up to 8GB), Bluetooth and GPS support.

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Meizu M8

Meizu M8,iPhone clone

Meizu M8 – finally it is here!

It is hard to believe considering that the release of this "official" iPhone clone was postponed but according to the announcement of the Meizu president Jack Bong, Meizu M8 (MiniOne) will be ready for the release in August. The fist basic version will be equipped with 128 Mb RAM memory and an unknown size of flash memory

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Pasen iTouch

Pasen iTouch

Pasen iTouch – a very cheap iPod Touch clone

No one is surprised today at the sight of the hit mobile phones and players clones, but their price compared to the original price can still be a surprise. For example a player from the Pasen company copies not only the appearance of the famous player but partially the name – it's name is iTouch LE. It is not the first clone of this company – the first one was simply called iTouch. Compared to the first version iTouch LE is equipped with a faster chipset JZ4732 that allows the player to produce the 30fps video.

Jul 27, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »

Nokia E90i

Nokia E90i

Nokia E90i – a new member in the Communicator line

According to the rumors, the Nokia Company is preparing a new Nokia E90i Communicator for the release which will replace on the market E90 model.

The novelty will be performed in the usual for the users E90 form factor of the horizontal flip phone with two displays and two keypads. Nokia E90i can be noted for a more compact and thin corpus than the previous phone.

Jul 18, 2008 | comments (31) | read more »

Nokia 6300i

Nokia 6300i

Mobile phone Nokia 6300i for those who want to save money

The Finnish Concern Nokia presented a renewed version of the popular phone 6300. The new model possessing extended functions got the name 6300i. Unlike the previous phone the novelty supports Wi-Fi and VoIP.

Jul 7, 2008 | comments (8) | read more »

Wan Lida SG 3328

Wan Lida SG 3328,mobile phon stereo dynamics

Wan Lida SG 3328 – a mobile phone with stereo dynamics.

Wan Lida Sg3328 is a novelty on the mobile phone market. This device presents a flip phone the main peculiarity of which is the built in MP3 player and two stereo dynamics on the upper panel. A special button and a five-position pad are also situated there for the player navigation.

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Google mobile

Google phone

Google mobile used the Samsung design?

A possible phone from the leading search site – Google- does not leave the enthusiasts of the mobile world indifferent. In the lack of official information they invent all possible stories and a new Google phone. One of these concepts looks rather interesting (although it reminds of Samsung Ultra Smart F520): a monoblock with the QWERTY keypad, flip aside display and an impressive navigation roll.

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Motorola Z9

Motorola Z9

Motorola Slider Z9 released with At&T navigator

AT&T today announced the release of Motorola Z9, the first phone having the AT&T Global System Positioning Navigator.

The users of Z9 can find songs and playlists with just one touch. AT&T mobile music provides a quick access for music download from eMusic and sideloading, Napster compatibility and unlimited MP3 audio files. Motorola Z9 supports up to 8Gb memory not necessarily with the removable microSD card.

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Panasonic phones, plasma

Panasonic phones, plasma

Panasonic phones are going to work from plasma

Soon Panasonic together with AbleComm is planning to equip mobile phones with plasma panels. According to the designers, they use less energy than their rivals, OLED displays, and the brightness and contrast of plasma displays are better.

First of all new Panasonic phones are oriented towards mobile TV users. In the future plasma displays are going to be used not only in the wireless devices but also in the regular phones and also faxes and domophones.

Jun 27, 2008 | comments (0) | read more »
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