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Samsung SCH-M470

Samsung SCH-M470

The Samsung Company presented its first smartphone supporting the quick data transfer HSUPA. The new technology (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) allows to exchange files five times quicker compared to WCDMA. The novelty was called SCH-M470.

The monoblock Samsung SCH-M470 is equipped with 2 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. Besides the owner possesses a full range WEB-browser and search sites Google.

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iPhone Gold

Today a big number of great variety of Apple iPhones is presented at the market. Many companies and also many jewelry professionals work on the phone design. For example, Stuart Hughes in his new collection Elite Choice presented iPhone Gold Black Night Edition. In general it is a usual iPhone but the outside metallic parts are covered with 24 karate gold.

Gold iPhone
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MTV phones

New information appeared on line that MTV decided to unite it's efforts with the French design agency ModeLabs for creating the youth series of MTV phones.

mtv logo

Their combined 3G slider MTV will have 2,2 inches display with high resolution, 2 mega pixel camera, will support Bluetooth, possess audio/video player. The exclusive wall paper, logotypes, MTV video, ring tones from DJ Cut Killer and also the game MTV Cribs will be stored in the MTV phone. And the attachment HotScan will present complete access to all the MTV videos. But the bad news is that these MTV phones will be available only in the shops SFR although as the time goes by they might be on sale in other places as well.

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Nokia 6212

Nokia 6212 novelty

The mobile line of the classical phones produced by the Finnish corporation Nokia was enriched by the much expected novelty Nokia 6212 compatible with the Near-Field Communication (NFC) standard. The outstanding features of this 3G phone are not only Internet services support and content download. This phone Nokia 6212 can also be used as the electronic purse for the purchase sum control in the store and the information of the goods provider. (The only condition is for Nokia 6212 to be near the needed object). It is expected to see the Nokia 6212 on sale on the European and Asian markets in the third quarter of this year with the price exceeding 200 euro.

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Nokia Remade

Nokia Remade

At the Mobile World Congress 2008 the Finnish Company Nokia presented it's new concept Nokia Remade.

The main feature of Nokia Remade is the fact that the body of the phone is made of used materials – aluminum cans and plastic bottles and automobile wires. The Nokia Remade display and its electronic parts are little energy consuming and are produced of harmless for the ecology materials.

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Light Flash - new conceptual phone

Light Flash

You can see the new conceptual phone Light Flash which took the second place of the designers' competition Hello Future 2014. Yes, Light-Flash looks very futuristic-like but these are not the automobile details, this is a camera and interactive micro projectors which can position the image on every surface. The new conceptual phone Light Flash has a sensor display, thin futuristic design and is charged wirelessly. It is interesting, are all the phones in 2014 going to look this way, like Light Flash?

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Mobile Playboy

Playboy phone

Finally it happened: Playboy is releasing it's phone!!! People started talking about mobile playboy three years ago. The designers needed one more year to solve all the problems but finally it is here. According to the latest information the mobile playboy reminds of remodeled Alcatel One Touch V770 which means that it will have 1,9 inches display, Bluetooth and 1,3 mega pixel camera.

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Cool gadget G108

There is a new cool gadget produced by the Cool Company. A watch combined with the mobile phone is not a novelty nowadays, but the mobile watch in the form factor of a flip phone is still a cool gadget. This is the type of watch released by the Cool Company. This cool gadget is called G108, has a round face-keypad and 1,5 inches color display which are hidden under the cover and also 1,3 mega pixel camera.

Cool gadget
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T-Mobile lowered iPhone prices

T-Mobile iPhone

German mobile net operator T-Mobile made a tremendous offer for its users.

The company offers T-Mobile iPhones with an incredibly low price. Now the users can get 8 Gega Bite T-Mobile iPhone version for only 99 euro (about 155 dollars). The new offer of the company is working from April 7 till June 30 and can be taken advantage of by the users who signed a two-year contract and signed for the Complete XL plan.

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LG present LX400 Hero

LG LX400 Hero

LG and Sprint present the new mobile phone LX400 Hero

The South Korean Corporation LG and American mobile operator Sprint united their efforts working together on CDMA phone that was named LX400 Hero. The novelty is made for the firm net Nextel Direct Connect which tells about positioning the phone for the business users and corporate clients.

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HTC modernizes its sliders HTC S730

HTC S730

The HTC Company has been one of the main players on the slider - smartphone market for quite a long time. In this segment, for example, Windows Mobile models are popular like HTC S730 or HTC TyTN II equipped with the slider QWERTY keypad. Later the possibilities of the sensor mobile Phone Touch were enlarged by the HTC Touch Dual slider keypad now used in Alltell LG Glimmer.

Nevertheless the HTC engineers could advance further in this matter. The mobile HTC S730 became even smaller and in the portrait and panorama regimes the same keypad is used for the data storage. The digital keypad is a part of general QWERTY keypad which is hidden by the phone HTC S730 itself in the closed regime. In order to work with the text you just need to turn the display in a certain way.

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Super 3G net

NTT DoCoMo, Super 3G net

The Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo representatives announced that during the outdoor tests of the experimental Super 3G system the data transfer speed via the wireless wide channel was up to 250 Mb/second. The field experiments with the help of the existing equipment were held near the research center a little bit to the South from the Japanese capital during all February. Four antennas with Multiple inputs and multiple outputs (MIMO) are used for the basic stations and mobile receiver. The equipment worked in the diapason 200 Mega hertz which completely satisfies the latest Super 3G standards.

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Pidion BM-350

At the Hanover IT exposition CeBIT the Korean electronics producer, Bluebird Company, presented its new model Pidion BM-350. This is a new PPC phone with the GPS system and 3G+ mobile nets support.

Pidion BM-350
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AT&T LG Vu (CU915, CU920)

LG released a mobile Phone for the TV services AT&T

LG Vu CU915

The American telecommunication giant enriched the list of the phones available to its firm service of mobile television due to the new model of the LG Company. The new model got a rather unexpected name – Vu ( LG Vu CU915, LG Vu CU920). It should be noted that another South Korean producer Samsung also presented a mobile phone while cooperating with AT&T.

We suppose that LG will release two modifications of the new model:LG CU915 (without built in TV antenna) and LG CU920 (with antenna). But there are serious doubts whether they will differ much in price.

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Sony Ericsson V640i

Sony Ericsson V640i is the exclusive for the Vodafone

Sony Ericsson V640i

The device is equipped with 2 inches display and can reproduce video with 15 images/second speed. The memory card support of the Memory Stick Micro (M2) format with the volume up to 4 Gb will allow gathering the whole musical library in the phone with a rather large track number. Besides for the music collection enrichment the technology of the rapid data transfer 3G HSDPA is supported.

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Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W880i now shines even brighter as the body of the phone is covered with 18 karate gold. The golden series does not differ from the original – the same 3G net, 1,8 inches display with 262 thousand reflected colors, 2 mega pixel and VGA camera, Bletooth with the A2DP profile support and of course the memory card firm slots.

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LG KF510

LG KF510

The press services of the South Korean Corporation LG Electronics announced about the up coming release of the new mobile phone model LG-KF510 which is noted for the thin body and multiplied functions. The announcement first of all underlines the appealing body phone LG-KF510 colors (Stardusk, Dark Grey and Sunset Red), its metal incrustations which make it even more refined as added to 10,9 mm phone body.

LED elements on the sensor display light up from the slightest touch and the new system Interactive Touch Lighting allows working with the animated multifunctional menu.

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Transformer Phone

Transformer Phone

Sometimes you have the impression that the flip phones and heavy monoblock phones which we have been using for quite a number of years do not have a place in the future. The designers and engineers who are busy creating the phone concepts for tomorrow go much further surprising us with new mechanisms combinations.

Today we are talking about the mobile Transformer Phone from Shkinder Maxim prototypes. Besides the original design the device is noted for the multi functions. The Transformer Phone can be used as photo and video camera, media player, projector and also the 3D scanning and hologram representation.

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LG Glimmer

LG produced sensor slider Glimmer

LG Glimmer

Yesterday the mobile line of the net operator Alltel was enriched with a new mobile phone. It was the slider Glimmer from the South Korean Corporation LG. Glimmer is equipped with a sensor display. The unofficial information about the up coming novelty release appeared a couple of weeks ago on one of the Internet forums. But now because of the press release of the producing company the appearance of the phone can be considered official.

LG Glimmer (the index name is LG-AX830) is a very interesting novelty based on the popular mobile platform Shine. The South Korean specialists preserved its coloring and the telephone form factor. But the increased size of the sensor display by 0.6 makes it easier in use.

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Motorola NZ5

New information about the Motorola Camera phone was found out.

The internet magazine editor while looking for the new camera phone Motorola ZN5 information found its specification on the official site of the American corporation. It all is about the new mobile phone Motorola NZ5 which will most probably be presented to the public next week. Besides short notes and comments and also a video with low resolution there was no information about Motorola ZN5. But its most noted advantage should become the 5 mega pixel camera from Kodak.

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