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RIM phones

RIM phonesBy the end of August RIM is going to release two new RIM smartphones

RIM Company is getting ready to release two new smartphones. At least one of them will be a slider.

Canadian Company is not in the process of growth and is successfully fighting for its place on the market.

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Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 sales began

Apple is going to keep its promises

The first happy(most probably they are happy) iPhone 4 owners will appear in the nearest future. Apple Company finally started sending the gadget to the clients who ordered the phone on the company site beforehand.

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Samsung SP-M100

Samsung SP-M100Samsung SP-M100 -a hybrid of digital frame and wireless phone

The Korean Samsung presented a hybrid of digital frame and wireless phone

The new gadget is called Samsung SP-M100. It is equipped with I inches sensor LCD display,

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AT&T HTC AriaHTC Aria will become the smallest Android smartphone

HTC Aria will become the first Android smartphone HTC in American mobile operator AT&T portfolio.

It was mentioned that the new smartphone functions under Android 2.1 with user's interface Sense. It has 5 mega pixel camera and 3,5 mm audio input.

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The most expensive mobile phone

most expensive mobile  phone

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gingerbreadNext Android version will be called Gingerbread

In the fourth quarter 2010 the Google Company will present new version of its operational system Adnroid which will have the code name Gingerbread

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Ericsson mobile phone

ericsson-mobile-phoneEricsson presented the concept of the mobile phone of the future

The Swedish Telecommunications Company Ericsson representatives at the meeting with the journalists which was help some time ago, told about their vision of the mobile phone of the future and the main tendencies of mobile phones of the new generation development.

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LG GR700

LG GR700LG GR700 fresh photos from the Net

LG GR700 first photo appeared in the Net, at present this phone is in the process of development

For some time there was no information about the device, but now details in small but definite portions start to appear. A rather important event is the appearance of the first LG GR700 photo.

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Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft smartphonesMicrosoft is preparing two smartphones

It is expected that during a special event in San Francisco scheduled on April 12, Microsoft Corporation will make a fabulous presentation.

The analytics suppose that during the conference will be presented Pink project, the Microsoft smartphones Pure and Turtle, aimed at active and young users of social nets.

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Sunburst SGH-A697, Strive SGH-A687

Sunburst SGH-A697Samsung presented mobile phones Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687

Samsung Company presented two new models for American market - Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687

Both modes Sunburst SGH-A697 and Strive SGH-A687 will be sold by American mobile operator AT&T. Mobile phone Sunburst SGH-A697 is created in the form factor of a monoblock with 3 inches resistible sensor display, 2 mega pixel camera and Bluetooth 2.0 module.

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HTC Incredible Verizon

HTC Incredible Verizon

Smartphone HTC Incredible new photos appeared in the net.

On its corpus you can see mobile operator Verizon logotype.

Together with new photos HTC Incredible in the net appeared new information about smartphone characteristics. The source informs about the palm dimensions which are 117,5x58,5x11,9mm (almost like Nexus One).

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New mobile interface

New mobile interfaceThe body new mobile interface created

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft  researchers created a new type of sensor new mobile interface, designed for projecting on opened body parts, mainly on hands.

The Skinput technology uses small projectors (the so called pico projector) for projecting the sensor new mobile interface elements on the hand, and sound  indicators for following the pressings on the projected image.

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Nokia C6

Nokia C6Nokia C6 was approved by FCC

The USA Federal Communication Commission approved smartphone Nokia C6

The representative of the new series Cseries smartphone Nokia C6 up to this moment existing only in rumors, finally became real.

In the declaration of conformity of the Finnish Company Nokia C6 is registered by the name RM-612

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LG TB200, LG GS108

LG TB200, LG GS108LG TB200 and LG GS108 will soon appear in China

It became known that LG Company is working on two new models of mobile phones which will most probably appear on the Chinese market

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Nokia X6

Nokia X6Nokia X6 16 GB was officially presented and will appear on sale in the first quarter

 Justifying forecasts, Nokia Company officially presented smartphone Nokia X6 16 GB

Smartphone Nokia X6 16Gb will appear on sale this quarter. The device price was not mentioned yet but it is expected not to be more than 350 euro.

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Samsung W9100

Samsung Gemstone W9100Samsung Gemstone W9100 flip phone already on sale.

Samsung Company presented new phone in the form factor of a flip phone with the name Gemstone W9100.

The device attracts the user fist of all with its pleasant and unusual design. Special  color indicators inform the user about the phone condition and the flip phone interface is presented by three main topics among which you can choose from penguins, neighbors or city.

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Sony Ericsson Robyn

Sony Ericsson Robyn

Sony Ericsson Robyn on the photo with Apple iPhone

New photos smartphone Sony Ericsson Robyn appeared in the Net

Smartphone Xperia X10 mini version known with the name Sony Ericsson Robyn appeared on the photo next to iPhone smartphone. Unfortunately very little is known about the new device now.

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Cheap Sony Ericsson

cheap-sony-ericssonSony Ericsson is preparing an available slider on the basis of a game phone

The Sony Ericsson Company is going to release a new mobile phone in the March next year. It will have the index W305 and the code name Yao. The novelty which is expected to be created in the form factor of a slider is created on the basis of the game model F305 and is positioned for the users with smaller budgets.

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OPhone, UPhone

OPhone, UPhoneThe OPPO Company will release a smartphone on the Android basis OPhone or UPhone

The Chinese Company OPPO announced the desire the release smartphone functioning under the operational system Android

The OPPO Company became known due to the multimedia players production. The new smartphone which does  not have a name yet, will become the first experience for the Chinese Company in creating devices of this kind. The release of the entertainment-oriented smartphone OPPO is scheduled for 2010.

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Samsung M5650 Lindy

Samsung M5650 LindySamsung M5650 Lindy - one more Corby

Regardless the lack of official presentation, Samsung M5650 Lindy appeared on sale in Portugal and Spain.

Samsung Company continues to enrich the Corby phones line with new models. Now we are talking about Samsung M5650 Lindy which is Corby 3650 improved version. That is, the main part of the gadget characteristics are similar to S3650 although there are some differences.

Dec 10, 2009 | comments (0) | read more »
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