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HTC Desire 526 Dual-SIM

In Taiwan, has been certified by  new smartphone HTC D526h.

HTC Desire 526 Dual-SIM

Jan 13, 2015 | comments (0) | read more »

Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1In the network was appeared several photos of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J1.

New low-cost smartphones form Samsung will be based on 64-bit chipset Marvell PXA1908 with a 4-core processor 1.2 GHz, which is complemented by 1GB RAM and a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480x800 pixels.

Jan 13, 2015 | comments (0) | read more »

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4On the Facebook page of Xiaomi appeared a small movie, hinting at the imminent announcement of a new smartphone.

The video shows any aplications without technical characteristics of the novelty proposed to think out by the user. And we believe that these words are "slim", "bigger" and "bent".

Jan 13, 2015 | comments (0) | read more »

BOSS Phone

BOSS PhoneMore popular becoming the collections of funds for the development of mobile technology: new project involves the creation of a smartphone with a focus on information security. For large people. And is called - BOSS Phone.

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Fells to the floor. Nokia 3310 vs iphone

Phone fell to the floor

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Sony Xperia feat. HATSUNE MIKU

Sony Xperia feat. HATSUNE MIKUJapanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO announced the release of a special version of the Xperia feat. HATSUNE MIKU (SO-04E) smartphone made by Sony, which have a built singing voice synthesizer virtual character (Vocaloid) Hatsune Miku.

Jan 12, 2015 | comments (0) | read more »

Not delivered SMS

Not delivered SMS

Dec 2, 2014 | comments (0) | read more »

Men's mobile photo with sock

Men's mobile photo with sock

So, the new trend is men's photo with sock on the most important place of the body. They post it in internet in order to draw attention to the problem of testicular cancer and raise money for research of the disease.

Apr 4, 2014 | comments (0) | read more »

Naked phone photos

Naked phone photos

Feb 24, 2014 | comments (0) | read more »

Stupid mom, her phone and car

Feb 22, 2014 | comments (0) | read more »

iDiots video

Nov 20, 2013 | comments (0) | read more »

iPhone 5S Theft

The network has video that demonstrates not only a way to circumvent the protection of biometric sensor on the iPhone 5S, but also the general imperfection of protection iOS 7.

Oct 12, 2013 | comments (0) | read more »

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IVNew rummors about GALAXY S IV

 Samsung is not in a rush to announce its new Galaxy smart phone, still there is some information on the web revealing a S IV device.

The rumors have not been confirmed yet, but some of them look pretty convincing. So what do they say about Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Jan 14, 2013 | comments (0) | read more »

Elikia smart phone in Africa

Elikia smart phoneFirst smart phone and Ipad produced in Africa

IT-startup VMK from the Democratic Republic of the Congo had released the first African smart phone and tablet. The smart phone called „Elikia",  which translated from Lingala language means „hope",  is equipped with a 3.5 inches display, a 650 MHz processor, 512 Mb RAM, 123 Mb of built in internal memory storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and USB port

Jan 14, 2013 | comments (0) | read more »

Nokia Lumia 920T

Nokia Lumia 920TWindows Phone 8-smart phone Nokia Lumia 920T

We might have mentioned before about Nokia Lumia 920T - version of Nokia Lumia 920 model for the Chinese carrier China Mobile and its TD-SCDMA networks. Now there are some pics of the device on the web.

Dec 11, 2012 | comments (2) | read more »


HTC DROID DNAHTC DROID DNA: official pictures

There was a lick of an official picture of the HTC DROID DNA smart phone. The model is already known from the rumors, under some other names such as HTC DLX and Droid Incredible X. The device belongs to the category of „pad phones".

Nov 20, 2012 | comments (1) | read more »

Huawei Honor 2

Huawei Honor 2

Huawei Honor 2: a quad core Android smart phone for $300

The Huawei had presented a new smart phone on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (it might be updated to the Jelly Bean version). The model is called Huawei Honor and it will replace the first Huawei Honor of the series.

Nov 6, 2012 | comments (0) | read more »

Huawei W1

Huawei W1Windows Phone 8- smart phone - Huawei W1

We did mention earlier about the first smart phone by Huawei that runs the Windows Phone 8 OS. The model is called Huawei W1; there were some photos of the device posted online already, but now we have the official images of the handset.

Nov 1, 2012 | comments (0) | read more »



  Some photos of the HTC DLX had appeared on the web. This is the 5 inches version of the HTC J Butterfly that was recently presented in Japan, but HTC DLX will make its appearance on the US market at Verizon Wireless. The device was also known as Droid Incredible X.

Oct 26, 2012 | comments (0) | read more »

Lumia 920T

Lumia 920TLumia 920T for the Chinese market

According to The Verge, one of the Lumia 920 versions will be released on the Chinese market. The device will be released by the largest carrier of the country - China Mobile. In the left upper corner of the device the 3G logo will appear.

Oct 23, 2012 | comments (0) | read more »
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