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Apple will release new iPhone X

Feb 9, 2017 | Tag: Mobile news

Announced new iPhone X for $ 1,000

The next iPhone, which is expected to release on the 10-year anniversary of the gadget will be the most expensive Apple smartphone.

iPhone X

The new 5.8-inch iPhone will receive a new name. As noted in an interview with Fast Company, the Apple can break with tradition and instead of iPhone 8 we will get the gadget with cooler name - iPhone X.
It is expected that the next iPhone will be equipped with some additional advantages: for example, OLED-display, occupying the entire front of the smartphone. Such a display is in two times more expensive than a traditional LCD-display. Perhaps this factor will affect the high cost of the new gadget. It is assumed that iPhone X will cost not less than a $ 1000.

By the way, the new smartphone will be equipped with more memory than its predecessors, and more capacious battery.

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