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Fly DS108, Fly V107

Oct 13, 2011 | Tag: Mobile news

Fly DS108 - more simple can be just Fly V107

The Fly which is known to be extremely modest released the next couple of phones.

The Fly DS108 and Fly V107 are pretty similar: both of them are mono blocks with a standard key board, both devices do not have a wide technical features spectrum, both of them support the work with 2 sim cards in the stand by regime. Probably both devices should not be too expensive.

Fly DS108

Fly DS108 is designed for GSM900/1800 networks, it is framed by a case of the  following size 109x46.5x14.6 mm and it weights 76 mg, it is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh, which can last for 4 hours in talking time and 300 hours in stand by regime, the device is also equipped with a microSDHC memory card slot. It has just Kb of built in memory, so the  slot is welcomed.  The device has 1.77 display, TFT 65K colors, 128x160 pixels. NO camera, Bluetooth, audio and video player and FM-radio.

Fly V107

Fly V107 has the following size: 104x44x13.4 mm, weight - 65 mg, a pretty weak battery  just 500 mAh, that makes the device run for 2 hours in talking time and up to 200 in stand by regime. The device is equipped with a micro SDHC memory card slot (up to 16 GB), 1.77 display, TFT 262K colors, 176x220 pixels. The same features are absent, except the audio and FM-radio.

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