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Nvidia works on the new prototypic HD phone

Mar 11, 2008 | Tag: Mobile news

The representatives of the American company Nvidia announced the second generation of the multimedia processor APX 2500 and a prototypic communicator that operates under the new chip.

The leading designers started to show solutions like that about a year ago. First Texas Instruments presented its mobile architecture based on the OMAP3430 processor. Then the Californian microchip developer Broadcom took his turn and edited the multimedia processor VideoCore III. In all these cases a complicated system of video transforming was suggested with a low energy usage.

Nvidia HD phone

At the Barcelona forum Mobile World Nvidia presented a new prototypic communicator equipped with the APX 2500 processor (Nvidia HD phone) which has multimedia and has low battery usage. Just as the majority of the modern successful mobile processors APX 2500 is produced on the basis of the ARM company. For example, Apple iPhone is managed by the ARM1176JZF chip, supporting 16/32 bite DDR memory and NAND Flash memory.

The graphic core of the GeForoe processor is compatible with the OpenGL ES 2,0, Microsoft Direct3D technologies, Coverage Sample Antialiasing and programmed pixels dimming. According to the company producing it the high resolution video (HDTV 720p) can be viewed up to 10 hours and MP3 files can be listened up to 100 hours with the help of the new processor.

APX 2500 supports two displays, the video signal resolution is 1280x720 pixels, HDMI 1,2 SXGA monitors (1280x1024).

Nvidia noted that the cooperation with the Microsoft Corporation is started in realization of the new version of the operational system Windows Mobile which could fully realize the new processor possibilities. The prototypic gadget supports 7,2 Mega bit HSPA standard, tree GSM diapasons, is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2,o controllers and also a 12 mega pixel photo camera.

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