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Ketai H001, 3D display

Feb 25, 2009 | Tag: Mobile news

The Japanese produced a Ketai H001 mobile phone with 3D display

Japanese operator KDDI presented mobile phone Ketai H001 with 3D display. It allows to watch movies, images and also play games in 3D regime. It was announced by "The Register".

Ketai H001, 3D display

The Ketai H001 3D display diagonal is 3,1 inches. It was created by Hitachi Company. But it is not mentioned if the user needs to wear special glasses to work with 3D content.

The mobile phone display can work both in 3D and simple regimes. In order to switch the options the user just needs to press a special button on the phone corpus.

Among other characteristics that should be mentioned are 3G nets support and 5 mega pixel camera. Also Ketai H001 can be used as electronic purse.

The date of the sales and the price are not mentioned. Also it is not known if Ketai H001 with 3D display will be sold in other countries than Japan.

At present some producers announced 3D TV sets. It is recommended to use special glasses when watching this kind of TV, otherwise the image can be not clear.


July 1st, 2013 05:30 George said:
What web site can i buy the hitachi wooo ketai h001, ive looked everywhere on the net but i still can't find it, could help out please.

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